NetSpot is the easiest native wireless site survey software for Mac and Windows. You need just a few clicks to load your office plan.

Scan Wireless Networks with NetSpot

Scan, analyze, visualize nearby wireless networks (WiFi). Assess and troubleshoot WiFi signal strength. Free app.

Use NetSpot as a Wireless Network Analyzer

Map, analyze and troubleshoot your WiFi network for free with NetSpot for Mac & Windows: fast, secure, efficient!

Using NetSpot for Easy Wi-Fi Detection

Free wireless network detector. Scan surrounding networks: get SSID, channel, band, level (SNR), interference details and more with NetSpot!

What is RSSI and its relation to a Wi-Fi network

Know what a good RSSI level is and how it is related to a signal strength. Determine RSSI signal with NetSpot.

Top 5 best WiFi Analyzer Apps for Mac 2016-2017

Choose the best WiFi analyzer tool for macOS for the year 2017.

WiFi Speed Test with NetSpot

Learn how to do a WiFi speed test with NetSpot. Discover dead zones, improve your WiFi coverage and increase WiFi speed.

What you need to know about WiFi Hotspot

Learn about WiFi hotspots, options and how NetSpot could help to find the best one.

The 5 Best Wi-Fi Mesh Network Systems of 2017

Check out the best WiFi mesh systems like Eero, Luma, Google WiFi, Netgear Orbi and LinkSys Velop. Use NetSpot to place your mesh routers efficiently.

Top 5 Best WiFi Extenders 2017

Learn more about WiFi extenders and choose the best WiFi extender 2017 with NetSpot.

All About WiFi

If your WiFi network isn’t performing up to your expectations, there are many things that you can do to improve the situation before you order a new router.

WiFi Calling Optimization with NetSpot

Learn more about WiFi calling to make and receive calls over a WiFi network if cellular service isn't available. While NetSpot cares about a good WiFi coverage.

Top Best WiFi Speed Test Apps 2017

Check the list of Top 5 best WiFi speed test apps 2017 for macOS and Windows.

Best WiFi Analyzer Windows Apps

Why do you need a WiFi analyzer app? Check the list of Top 5 best WiFi analyzer Windows apps 2017.

Top 10 Ways to Boost Your WiFi

Check the Top 10 ways to boost your WiFi at home or at the office. Analyze your WiFi coverage with NetSpot.

Don’t Let Attackers Hack Your WiFi: These Are Our Top WiFi Security Tips

Don’t Let Attackers Hack Your WiFi. Check these 7 Top WiFi Security Tips. Download NetSpot to see whether your WiFi network is sufficiently encrypted to withstand a targeted attack.

Top 5 Best WiFi Booster Apps

Why do you need a WiFi booster app? Check the list of Top 5 best WiFi booster apps 2017.

The Best WiFi Router for Your Home

Learn more about the difference between mesh networks and traditional hub and spoke networks. Choose the best router for your home with NetSpot.

Wireless Access Point: What It Is and How to Set It Up

Learn more about wireless access points and set them up with NetSpot.

Best WiFi Channel Scanner Apps for Windows

WiFi channel scanner apps display the discovered Wi-Fi networks on a graph, making it easy to see which networks overlap. Check the list of best WiFi channel scanner apps for Windows.

Best WiFi Channel Scanner Apps for macOS

Learn about what WiFi channel apps do and check the list of top 5 best WiFi channel scanner apps that you can download right now.

The KRACK WiFi vulnerability, how to protect yourself

KRACK attack: what you need to know about WiFi vulnerability and how to protect yourself from it.


The visual Wi-Fi map you get with NetSpot lets you see all dead zones without coverage and optimize hotspots' placements.

How to Measure Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength with NetSpot

Low Wi-Fi signal strength, speed or quality? Learn how to boost your Wi-Fi coverage with NetSpot for Mac OS X and Windows.

Increase WiFi Speed with NetSpot

Increase your Wi-Fi speed and improve latency with NetSpot wireless network survey app for Mac & Windows.

How To Create a Wireless Network Map with NetSpot

Create, manage and map your wireless network, build a heatmap of your download & upload rates. Free version available.

Use WiFi Heatmap for network improvements

Find out the best way to create a WiFi Heatmap for network analysis and good coverage with NetSpot.


NetSpot is also an amazing wireless survey tool for Wi-Fi planning: load a map, collect some wireless site survey data, and build a comprehensive heatmap of your network.

Monitor Wi-Fi Signal and Map It With NetSpot

Monitor your Wi-Fi network: signal-to-noise ratio, channel interference, reveal and monitor coverage voids and more with NetSpot, the free wireless monitor.

NetSpot Creates Better Wi-Fi Networks in your Smart Home

Find out how network exports leverage NetSpot to power a Smart Home with truly stable wireless network.

WiFi Security with NetSpot

Learn how to secure your wireless network with the help of free NetSpot for Mac OS and Windows.

Plan your Wi-Fi network with NetSpot Wi-Fi site survey tool

Design your WiFi network with the leaders! A professional laptop-based NetSpot WiFi planning and site survey tool is everything you need.

Google Wifi replaces a WiFi router in your home

Google Wifi is your new WiFi router for seamless coverage throughout your space.

NetSpot ensures your wireless router will be at its best capacity

Choose new WiFi router wisely, follow the useful tips and benefit with NetSpot during setup.

Mesh Networking is the solution to the WiFi issues

When experiencing a bad WiFi signal, look into mesh routers. We'll tell you what mesh network is and how NetSpot can help you implement it correctly.

Wireless Security Protocols: WEP, WPA, and WPA2

Verify the encryption of your network with NetSpot and choose the best wireless security protocol to secure your WiFi.

Wireless Internet Access Everywhere with Xfinity® WiFi and NetSpot

Learn more about Xfinity router and how you can make it work better with NetSpot WiFi app.

WiFi Adapter: What It Does and How to Select On

Check out what a USB Wireless adapter is, what it does and how to select one. Use NetSpot to determine the strength of wireless networks in your area.

Linksys Smart WiFi App-Enabled Routers

Linksys Smart WiFi Routers are smart home appliances and could be managed from anywhere. Just use NetSpot to determine the right place for your router to get the best WiFi signal.

WiFi Amplifier for Stronger and Faster Wireless Internet

Learn more about WiFi amplifier, the difference between wireless amplifier, WiFi Repeater, and Extender. Check your WiFi coverage with NetSpot before taking a decision about WiFi amplifier purchase.


Thanks to new Troubleshooting visualizations, you can easily and quickly identify connectivity and wireless interference issues, find sources of excessive noise, resolve Wi-Fi configuration problems, and get automated professional advice on every issue visualized by NetSpot PRO.

NetSpot: Wi-Fi Network Detector and Manager

Detect wireless networks, optimize, visualize, manage Wi-Fi quality and hotspots placement, plan WLAN coverage. Free version.

Make Wi-Fi Troubleshooting a Breeze with NetSpot

Free automated wireless network troubleshooting with NetSpot for Mac & Windows: improve signal strength, locate noise sources, choose the best channel for your AP.

Looking for a Wireless booster or WiFi extender to improve your WiFi signal?

WiFi Range Extenders, aka Wireless router Boosters and WiFi Repeaters, are a simple and savvy way to get rid of dead zones.

How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi Interference with NetSpot

Learn what is WiFi Interference and how to minimize it with NetSpot Wi-Fi management app for Mac OS and Windows.

Increase your Wi-Fi speed with the help of NetSpot — choose the best WiFi channel

NetSpot for Mac OS and Windows. Wi-Fi channel scanner will help you find possible WiFi issues and fix them by choosing the right channel.

Improving Wireless Connectivity Using a WiFi Extender

Learn more about WiFi extender, why you need it and how to improve your wireless connectivity with using a WiFi extender and NetSpot.

Extend your Wi-Fi Signal with a WiFi Repeater and the NetSpot App

Learn more about a WiFi repeater, choose the best WiFi repeater and extend your WiFi signal with NetSpot.

Protect your network with a strong WiFi password

Find out how to set the best WiFi password for your network and how to change WiFi password on your router.

Selecting and Installing a WiFi Booster

Check out what WiFi booster is, how to select it and how NetSpot could help to choose it.

Getting the Most out of Your WiFi Router

Download NetSpot to optimize your WiFi router performance and increase your internet speeds.


Only when you have a reasonably strong signal can you enjoy fast download speeds, lag-free Skype conversations, and web browsing without constant waiting for pages to load. To have a strong signal everywhere you need, it’s critical to choose an optimal place for the router and configure it in a way that will give the best results.

What Is the Best Wireless Router 2017

Learn how to choose the best Wi-Fi router and check the list of top best WiFi routers 2017 with NetSpot.

Best WiFi Scanner Apps for Windows

Learn more about the reasons for using a WiFi scanner app and check the list of top 5 best WiFi scanner apps for Windows.

Top 3 Best Apps to Measure WiFi Signal Strength for Windows

Learn more about WiFi signal strength and check the list of top 3 best apps to measure WiFi signal strength for Windows.

Best Apps to Measure WiFi Signal Strength for Mac

Learn more about WiFi signal strength and check the list of top 3 best apps to measure WiFi signal strength for macOS.

Top 5 Best WiFi Scanner Apps for macOS

Learn more about the reasons for using a WiFi scanner app. Check the list of top 5 best WiFi scanner apps for macOS.