Windstream Kinetic Internet Review

For people living in rural parts of the United States, finding a reliable internet service provider (ISP) that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for a fast internet service can be a real challenge.
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Windstream is one of the best internet providers that meet these criteria with its Kinetic by Windstream internet plans. Let’s see if the plans are really as good as the provider’s marketing department makes them appear to be.

Windstream Internet Plans and Pricing

The table below lists all Windstream Kinetic internet plans that are available at the time of writing this review:

Plan Maximum download speed Promo price Data cap
Windstream Kinetic Internet 50 Mbps Up to 50 Mbps From $27 per month None
Windstream Kinetic Internet 200 Mbps Up to 200 Mbps From $37 per month None
Windstream Kinetic Internet 400 Mbps Up to 400 Mbps From $47 per month None
Windstream Kinetic Internet 500 Mbps Up to 500 Mbps From $57 per month None
Windstream Kinetic GIG Internet Up to 1000 Mbps From $67 per month None

Unfortunately, not all Windstream internet packages are available in all locations where the provider operates (see the next section of this article), and prices vary with location due to state taxes, fees, and laws.

In most markets, the Internet 50 Mbps and Internet 200 Mbps plans are delivered via DSL technology over telephone lines. The Internet 400 Mbps, Internet 500 Mbps, and GIG Internet plans use fiber optic cables.

After 12 months, Windstream internet prices increase quite a bit, but we can’t give you exact numbers because they, again, vary from location to location.

Compared with what other ISPs charge for similar internet speeds, we have to say that Windstream packages are fairly affordable even after the promotional period ends. The Windstream fiber plan delivers especially great value, but the availability of this plan isn’t the greatest.

In addition to its residential internet services, businesses of all sizes can also choose from dedicated Windstream business plans, which include perks like phone lines with special features, DDoS mitigation, and more.

Windstream Internet Coverage

Windstream internet services are available in the following locations:

Available in:
Alabama Kentucky Nebraska Pennsylvania
Arkansas Minnesota New Mexico South Carolina
Florida Missouri New York Texas
Georgia Mississippi Ohio
Iowa North Carolina Oklahoma

In total, the Windstream coverage map includes 18 states. In some states, such as Georgia, Iowa, and Kentucky, the map is largely filled, but most other states are covered quite sporadically.

Windstream Internet Coverage

Because of how spotty the coverage of Kinetic Windstream plans is, only around 2.78 percent of the the US population can enjoy them, according to Federal Communications Commission data.

This isn’t really a downside because it’s understandably impossible for every ISP to have fantastic coverage. It just means that you’re less likely to live in an area where Windstream internet services are available.

Even if you do happen to live in an area where Kinetic is available, there’s still a good chance that you’re located outside the areas highlighted on the Windstream fiber map.

In some urban areas, Windstream cable internet is available instead, and the ISP also offers Windstream WiFi to some rural customers in an effort to improve its coverage.

Windstream Internet Fees & Bonuses

Unlike many other ISPs, Windstream doesn’t require its customers to sign up for any contractual terms, and it also doesn’t limit the amount of data customers can download, nor does it charge extra those who exceed a certain arbitrary limit.

If you don’t have a compatible modem/router, then you can rent a pretty decent one for $5.99 a month. The router can be managed using the MyWin app for added convenience.

As far as ISP-provided equipment goes, the Windstream modem/router performs well, but only if you set it up correctly. Sure, a technician will gladly do it for you, but you should consider skipping the $35 fee and doing it yourself with the help of a WiFi analyzer like NetSpot.


Make sure to perform a Windstream speed test once you’re done to verify that you’re getting the promised speeds.

Sadly, the internet activation fee ($50 up front) can be avoided only if you sign up for the gigabit plan. That said, the ISP offers decent promotional discounts to new customers, so you can at least compensate that way.

Kinetic plans can be bundled with unlimited phone service for only $20 bucks a month, and customers can also enjoy primetime or on-demand content with DirecTV or Kinetic TV.

Because the internet is a dangerous place full of threats, Kinetic subscribers can get the Kinetic Secure by Windstream add-on for $9.99. The add-on includes parental controls, identity theft protection, 24/7 tech support, and more useful features.

Windstream Customer Service & Satisfaction

You can get in touch with Windstream’s customer support by:

As you can see, there are many Windstream support options to choose from, but how good is the Windstream internet customer service?

According to customer satisfaction research groups American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power, the quality of the customer service available to Kinetic customers is below average, and it’s not improving much.

In 2021, J.D. Power gave Kinetic customer support 682, which is only two points more than what the provider scored in 2020, placing it only slightly above CenturyLink, Suddenlink, and HughesNet, all of which are infamous for being unhelpful.

Here’s what real Windstream internet reviews published on BroadbandNow say about the ISP:

Have had Windstream for years. Ok for email and works most of the time on video streaming. Only have dual DSL. Works for streaming sometimes then crashes steam server connection. Upload is very slow, like 1.4mbps. It will download at 20mbps max.

Recently had a service tech come to my home and work on my router and fix my downed internet problem. Tech was super friendly and helpful with explaining what had gone wrong with my internet and well knowledgeable on how to fix it. He had my internet back up and running in no time at all. I definitely will be requesting him again for issues in the future.

I dread having to contact Windstream customer service. They don't seem to know what they are doing. Why is it so hard?

Windstream reviews would likely be more positive if it wasn’t for the fact that much of its network relies on DSL technology, which isn’t particularly reliable, and there’s not much the ISP can do to improve it. The good news is that the provider is improving its fiber coverage, and we believe that its customer satisfaction scores will improve with it.


Kinetic by Windstream is one of the better options available to people who live in rural parts of the United States. The service is relatively affordable (at least in some areas), and you don’t have to sign a contract or monitor the amount of data you download.

The biggest downside of Kinetic is its limited availability, followed by its below-average customer support service. If you live in an area where fast Windstream internet speeds are available at reasonable prices, then don’t hesitate to give the ISP a try.


How much is Windstream WiFi a month?

The Windstream router with WiFi connectivity costs $5.99 a month to rent.

How do I contact Windstream customer service?

You can contact Windstream customer service by dialing 1-855-386-4087, sending the ISP an email, or messaging it on Facebook, for example.

Are Kinetic and Windstream the same?

Kinetic is the brand name for the internet service provided by Windstream.

What internet speeds does Windstream offer?

Windstream offers internet speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps.

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