What is the difference between NetSpot Free, Scanner, Reporter and PRO?

NetSpot has 4 versions available right now — two versions that can be downloaded directly from our website and two versions available on the Mac App Store. We know that can be a little confusing, so this article will cover the differences between the four options.

NetSpot Scanner (available in the Mac App Store) is similar to NetSpot Free (available on our website). Both are limited to personal use, with limitations on the size and scope of the scanning project. NetSpot Reporter (available in the Mac AppStore) is similar to NetSpot PRO (available on our website). Both can be used for commercial projects and have greatly expanded capabilities.

So, if they are so similar, why do they have different names? The reason is that Apple imposes certain limitations on the apps sold in the Mac App Store. So the versions in the App Store (Scanner and Reporter) do not have the full capabilities of the versions sold on our website (Free and PRO). The biggest difference is that the versions from the App Store do not have Discover Mode. There are other, smaller differences as well. Please see the chart below for complete details. Click the feature name in the left-hand column to learn more about each feature.

NetSpot Wi-Fi analyzer for Windows is released

In short, if you want the fullest capabilities and the most frequent updates, buy the PRO (or Enterprise) version directly from our website. However, if you buy the Reporter version from the App Store and decide later that you need the PRO version, there is an upgrade discount available — please email us your request, along with your proof of purchase from the App Store (preferably, your Apple Store receipt).

Mac App Store
NetSpot ScannerNetSpot Reporter (doesn’t work without NetSpot Scanner)
OSmacOS onlymacOS only
Discover ModeNoNo
UpdatesBasic onesLess frequently
License UseNon-commercialCommercial
Zones Per Project1 zone50 zones
Snapshots Per Zone1 snapshot50 snapshots
Data Points Per Project50 data pointsUnlimited
Number of VisualizationsOnly 2 (SNR, SIR)15 Pro visualizations
Maximum Number of APs VisualizedOnly 1Unlimited
AP GroupingNot available6 grouping options plus custom groups
Export CapabilityCurrent visualization in PDF onlyAdvanced customizable reports
Active Scanning CapabilityNoYes
Hidden SSIDs SupportedNoYes
Autosaving CapabilityNoYes
Multi-floor surveysNoYes
Adjust Area TypeNoYes
Rename APsNoYes
Cross-Project ImportsNoYes


NetSpot FreeNetSpot HomeNetSpot PRO & Enterprise
Pricefree$49.00starts at $149.00
Discover ModeYesYesYesYesYesYes
UpdatesMore frequentlyMore frequentlyMore frequently
License UseNon-commercialNon-commercialCommercial
Zones Per ProjectNoNo2 zones2 zones50 zones or unlimited50 zones or unlimited
Snapshots Per ZoneNoNo2 snapshots2 snapshots50 snapshots or unlimited50 snapshots or unlimited
Data Points Per ProjectNoNo50 data points50 data points500 data points or unlimited500 data points or unlimited
Number of VisualizationsNoNoOnly 3 (Signal, SNR, SIR)Only 2 (Signal, SIR)16 Pro visualizations12 Pro visualizations
Maximum Number of APs VisualizedNoNoOnly 5Only 5UnlimitedUnlimited
AP GroupingNoNoBy SSID OnlyBy SSID Only6 grouping options plus custom groups6 grouping options plus custom groups
Export CapabilityNoneNoneNoneNoneAdvanced customizable reportsAdvanced customizable reports
Active Scanning CapabilityNoNoNoNoYesYes
Hidden SSIDs SupportedNoNoNoNoYesYes
Autosaving CapabilityNoNoNoNoYesYes
Multi-floor surveysNoNoNoNoYesYes
Adjust Area TypeNoNoNoNoYesYes
Rename APsNoNoNoNoYesYes
Cross-Project ImportsNoNoNoNoYesNo
updated: April 25, 2018 author: Alex
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