WiFi Security

How to keep your wireless network safe, plus tips on which encryption to use, how to know who is connected to your network, etc.

WiFi 6 and its Impact on the World's Wireless Networks

This article discusses the new WiFi 6 standard and what it means for users of WiFi networks.

IEEE 802.11mc - Everything You Need to Know About It

Thanks to 802.11mc, you'll soon be able to see the last known position of your smartphone or tablet on a map with a precision of 1-2 meters, making this the ideal time to get acquainted with this new wireless standard.

Knowing How to Hack WiFi Can Secure Your Data

How to hack someone's WiFi? It's easy with a WiFi analyzer to define the security standard and a predictable WiFi password. Secure yourself from WiFi hackers, choose WPA2 and follow these characteristics of a strong WiFi password.

Learn about WiFi standards and the latest WiFi 6 (802.11 ax)

We explain the difference between the different types of WiFi standards, speeds, encryption, and what it means for you. Get also more information about the latest WiFi 6 (802.11 ax) standard and what it offers.

WiFi Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2 And Their Differences

Verify the encryption of your network with NetSpot and choose the best wireless security protocol to secure your WiFi. Get more information about possible security protocols: WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA3.

WiFi Security with NetSpot

Learn how to secure your wireless network with the help of free NetSpot for Mac OS and Windows.

Don’t Let Attackers Hack Your WiFi: These Are Our Top WiFi Security Tips

Don’t Let Attackers Hack Your WiFi. Check these 7 Top WiFi Security Tips. Download NetSpot to see whether your WiFi network is sufficiently encrypted to withstand a targeted attack.

The KRACK WiFi vulnerability, how to protect yourself

KRACK attack: what you need to know about WiFi vulnerability and how to protect yourself from it.

Who Is On My WiFi: Detect Who's Using Your WiFi Network

WiFi security is very important nowadays. This article can help you to understand how indirectly detect that someone is on your WiFi network.

Check out how to kick people off your WiFi

Learn more about WiFi security: who is on your wifi, how to detect that someone's using your Wi-Fi, and how to kick people off your WiFi.

What WPA3 Is And How It Differs From WPA2

WPA3 is a newly announced Wi-Fi standard offering more secure public and private networks. Rather than relying on shared passwords, WPA3 signs up new devices through processes that don’t require the use of a shared password.

Check the 6 Ways How To Secure Your WiFi Network

There are always people who want to gain access to your WiFi network to steal your bandwidth or money. Check these steps on how to secure WiFi network and keep people out of your home or business’s WiFi network.

The Best VPNs In 2021 For Public WiFi Security

This article looks at the risks posed by public WiFi networks and how the use of a VPN can minimize those dangers. Check our list of the best VPN services.