Discover WiFi Networks Around. On Android.

Did you know there is a WiFi analyzer for Android? Getting the perfect WiFi coverage is as easy as can be and the only thing you need to have on you is your Android device. The popular NetSpot also comes a WiFi app for Android that will scan and analyze all available wireless networks around.
Know more about surrounding WiFi networks
Discover and compare WiFi networks
Locate the issues if there are any and find solutions

Get more information about your WiFi network

NetSpot usage comes naturally, no matter if you are a pro or novice, all thanks to extensive research during development process. This Android WiFi analyzer is highly efficient in providing the detailed data so you can create a flawless WiFi connection throughout the designated space.
Live Wi-Fi data
NetSpot collects 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac live data and visualizes it.
2.4 and 5GHz bands
Both frequencies are fully supported by NetSpot.
Extensive AP data
Get such details as network name, MAC address, Signal level, etc.

Analyze and compare

NetSpot WiFi channel analyzer gets as meticulous as possible when it comes to collecting the information you need about a WiFi network. While it's scanning, you can see the data updated in real time, helping you align the network behavior to real life events and conditions.
See the data chart changes in real time
Sort the data by name and by signal strength
Filter by name, by signal strength, by security protocol
You have the option to sort the collected data by network name and by signal strength as well as filter networks scanned by their multiple parameters including security protocols.

Locate the issues and troubleshoot them

We have no doubts that NetSpot is the best WiFi analyzer. Why are we so convinced? Because thanks to NetSpot you can easily troubleshoot and locate any issues with a network, resolve WiFi channel overlap conflicts, find the signal leakages, and much more.

Using our WiFI network analyzer is the sure way to an enhanced WiFi network with an outstanding coverage, capacity and performance values.

Resolving a WiFi channel overlap conflict
Locating any issues with WiFi
Finding signal leakages
Troubleshooting and enhancing your network's coverage, capacity, performance, signal level, interference, etc.
NetSpot on Desktop

Ready to look deeper into your WiFi?

NetSpot for Android makes WiFi analysis a breeze. However might you need a more advanced WiFi analyzer app running on a laptop, get NetSpot for Windows or Mac with multiple surveys and network maps.
NetSpot for Android
Analyze and compare, fix issues with WiFi — all on your Android phone or tablet. You'll need Android OS 6.0+
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