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NetSpot is a professional multiplatform app for Wi-Fi network planning, wireless site surveys, Wi-Fi analysis, and troubleshooting. Best in its class for over 10 years. No need to be a network expert to improve your home or office Wi-Fi today! All you need is your MacBook running macOS 10.12+ or any laptop with Windows 7/8/10/11 on board and NetSpot which works over any 802.11 network.

Use NetSpot to visualize, manage, troubleshoot, audit, plan, and deploy your wireless networks.

NetSpot WiFi site survey software
When working on a Wi-Fi network that will provide an optimal coverage, you'll need a solid research and understanding the radio frequency behavior at the spot. The effective way to obtain this information is a wireless site survey. It will reveal areas of channel interference and dead zones, and will help you tremendously to build a solid network.

The main goal of a WIFI site survey is determining the feasibility of implementing a wireless network in a specific area and finding the best spots for access points and other equipment like cables and antennas. With the help of site survey you will know what type of equipment to get and where to install it.

Wireless Site survey is also an important part of wifi security analysis. NetSpot is a perfect helper for network security specialists in locating and eliminating rogue access points, detecting unauthorized workstations, avoiding cross-channel interference and getting rid of false-positive intrusion alerts. With NetSpot one can also check the security settings (Open, WEP, WPA/WPA2/WPA3 Personal/Enterprise), non-broadcasting SSIDs and WiFi signal strength. With all this work done well the wireless signal is less likely to spill outside, where a war driver can get their hands on it.

With its advanced collection and visualization of data NetSpot provides its users with a comprehensive and complete WiFi site survey solution.

WiFi site survey software for Windows

And yes, Windows version is here!

NetSpot monitors various aspects of your WiFi network, helps you troubleshoot the issues and boost your WiFi signal.
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Analyze Your Wi-Fi Coverage

Discover the WiFi networks around you, and use their information to easily identify the least loaded channel, determine the WiFi signal level, etc. NetSpot will conveniently lay out the networks' names and information, like SSID, BSSID, signal strength, frequency bands, and more.

You will appreciate the interface responsiveness with an easy switch between the table and chart views, data filters by a variety of parameters, as well as the export of gathered data to CSV format.

Visualize Your Wireless Network

NetSpot is certainly the most accessible native WiFi site survey app for Mac, Windows and Android. A few clicks, and you can begin a network site survey. Just point to where you are on the map and NetSpot starts measuring the wireless signal.

Move around your designated area proceeding to take measurements in every spot you want to analyze. That's it!

Now you have all the needed info to survey radio signal leakages, discover noise sources, map channel usage, analyze access points efficiency, etc. The snapshots of different scanned areas can be merged to create a detailed APoS survey.
Wi-Fi Planning & Prediction
The moment everyone has been anticipating is finally upon us — NetSpot 3 is here and ready to assist you in planning out a brand new WiFi network. The new release of NetSpot 3 for macOS and Windows will help you easily estimate the number and optimal placement of wireless access points the future WiFi network will require for a smooth sailing.
Planning & Prediction

Wireless Network Planning

A proper planning of a future wireless network is essential and will potentially save you a lot of money and time by being thoughtfully deployed from the very beginning. NetSpot has an extensive toolset allowing you to model your future WiFi space.

Use various wall materials to create the space layout, place doors and windows, choose the WiFi router type and model, rooms and their sizes and plans, etc.

Once the visual heatmaps are generated based on your data, you can create the most comprehensive reports and order exactly as much hardware equipment as you need for a smooth and ubiquitous wireless connection.

Troubleshoot Wireless Networks

NetSpot is your indispensable assistant in achieving a balanced WiFi network signal. You can build various visual heatmaps to clearly decide on the most optimal placement of access points, or to properly choose the bands and channels for a stronger wireless signal.

Additional possibilities include measuring the Internet download and upload speeds, building such specific heatmaps as "Issues with SNR" and "High level of noise" with NetSpot for Mac, etc.

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4.8 score, based on 969 user reviews
  • NetSpot is the best tool for auditing wireless networks. It allows you to map the hot spots (and cold) of your office or home, lets you fix problems or discover another network failures. It is a simple but powerful application.
    Sergio Lorente
    Sergio Lorente ★★★★★
    Apple Consultants Network
  • There isn’t anything better than NetSpot when it comes to fully analyzing Wi-Fi signals, hotspots and routers. The incredible app.
    Ander Murillo
    Ander Murillo ★★★★★
    Genius at Everything
  • NetSpot works extremely well on the latest OS X. Very good info collected for wireless networks, especially if you are a techie! The mapping feature is highly useful to show wireless coverage, or lack of it, to my clients.
    Michael Kulyk
    Michael Kulyk ★★★★★
    Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
  • I use NetSpot for simple, effective network surveying and Wi-Fi planning at home and at my customer’s sites. NetSpot is a really outstanding piece of software!
    Christian Sommer
    Christian Sommer ★★★★★
    Mac Enthusiast
NetSpot is an amazing OS X utility for mapping out Wi-Fi networks, finding spots of poor reception, and troubleshooting how to fix them, and now it’s available for Windows.
Alan Henry • Lifehacker
There’s also a free version of Netspot (Windows, Mac), which lets you create a heatmap of your Wi-Fi signal, if you upload a floorplan.
NetSpot lets you build a heatmap of your wireless network so you can find out where your Wi-Fi signal is strong and the areas where it's weak.
This helpful Mac app can be used to fix weak spots in your wireless coverage.
NetSpot displays tiny signal graphs within the table, giving you a quick view of possible performance issues.
If your equipment is already in place, I recommend using NetSpot on Windows PCs and Macs.
NetSpot has matured since then, and does its job even better now, while also adding some serious (and expensive) professional options above the free, non-commercial level.
NetSpot is top drawer. You won't find a better app for figuring out why your Wi-Fi isn't working the way you need it to.
All told, this seems like a really cool app that can help you plan out your home Wi-Fi setup and help you troubleshoot problems with your wireless connections.
I tested each system by wandering through my house with a laptop running Netspot, an app that builds a “heat map” of Wi-Fi strength.
The visuals it generates are an absolutely invaluable tool if you want to geek out hard and get the most out of your Wi-Fi coverage.

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4.8 score, based on 969 user reviews
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