Network Planning and Wi-Fi Site Survey

NetSpot is a professional multiplatform app for Wi-Fi network planning, wireless site surveys, Wi-Fi analysis, and troubleshooting. Best in its class for over 10 years.

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NetSpot – WiFi Analyzer

Analyze your Wi-Fi Coverage

Discover the WiFi networks around you, and use their information to easily identify the least loaded channel, determine the WiFi signal level, etc. NetSpot will conveniently lay out the networks' names and information, like SSID, BSSID, signal strength, frequency bands, and more.

You will appreciate the interface responsiveness with an easy switch between the table and chart views, data filters by a variety of parameters, as well as the export of gathered data to CSV format.

Available in NetSpot for macOS, Windows and Android

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Analyze your Wi-Fi Coverage
WiFi Survey & Heatmapper

Visualize Your Wireless Network

NetSpot is certainly the most accessible native WiFi site survey app for Mac, Windows and Android. A few clicks, and you can begin a network site survey. Just point to where you are on the map and NetSpot starts measuring the wireless signal.

Move around your designated area proceeding to take measurements in every spot you want to analyze. That's it!

Now you have all the needed info to survey radio signal leakages, discover noise sources, map channel usage, analyze access points efficiency, etc. The snapshots of different scanned areas can be merged to create a detailed APoS survey.

Available in NetSpot for macOS, Windows, Android and iOS

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Visualize Your Wireless Network
Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Wireless Networks

NetSpot is your indispensable assistant in achieving a balanced WiFi network signal. You can build various visual heatmaps to clearly decide on the most optimal placement of access points, or to properly choose the bands and channels for a stronger wireless signal.

Additional possibilities include measuring the Internet download and upload speeds, generating such heatmaps as "Issues with SNR" and "High level of noise", etc.

Available in NetSpot for macOS and Windows

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Troubleshoot Wireless Networks
WiFi Planning New

Wireless Network Planning

A proper planning of a future wireless network is essential and will potentially save you a lot of money and time by being thoughtfully deployed from the very beginning. NetSpot has an extensive toolset allowing you to model your future WiFi space.

Use various wall materials to create the space layout, place doors and windows, choose the WiFi AP type and model, rooms and their sizes and plans, etc.

Once the visual heatmaps are generated based on your data, you can create the most comprehensive reports and order exactly as much hardware equipment as you need for a smooth and ubiquitous wireless connection.

Available in NetSpot for macOS and Windows

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Wireless Network Planning

NetSpot Reviews from Real People Like You

4.8 score, based on 969 user reviews

“I have been using Netspot for years now and it has changed my business. Now with the Planning feature, it has made quoting much easier and without the need for site visits saving me time and money. Go Pro of go broke… well worth the money.”
“NetSpot is the best tool for auditing wireless networks. It allows you to map the hot spots (and cold) of your office or home, lets you fix problems or discover another network failures. It is a simple but powerful application.”
“There isn’t anything better than NetSpot when it comes to fully analyzing Wi-Fi signals, hotspots and routers. The incredible app.”
“I have been using Netspot for the last 8 years to test, survey and plan wifi systems in homes, offices and hotels. It provides the same stats you get with much more expensive systems. A great pro tool for wifi installers.”
“NetSpot works extremely well on the latest OS X. Very good info collected for wireless networks, especially if you are a techie! The mapping feature is highly useful to show wireless coverage, or lack of it, to my clients.”
“I use NetSpot for simple, effective network surveying and Wi-Fi planning at home and at my customer’s sites. NetSpot is a really outstanding piece of software!”
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Which NetSpot is for you?

We developed NetSpot, our accessible cross-platform wireless network analysis tool, with users of all levels and scale in mind. Choose the Home license to tweak your family Wi-Fi network, or get the Pro or Enterprise license to suit your commercial use needs. Reach out for custom and reseller pricing.

WiFi site surveys of any size with extensive reports
for companies — Enterprise

WiFi site surveys of any size with extensive reports

What's the scale of your project? NetSpot can help you deploy, survey, and then service a wireless network in an office building, a warehouse, or even a stadium!

The Enterprise license provides an unlimited use of NetSpot capabilities for your system administrators, engineers and other technicians involved in a WiFi implementation project.

It is perfect for larger companies and their clients with the unlimited zones, snapshots and data points.

  • Plan out a future WiFi network of any scale
  • Survey WiFi networks for commercial clients
  • Troubleshoot WiFi issues for extra large areas
Maximize WiFi potential of your small business
for individuals — PRO

Maximize WiFi potential of your small business

MSP, strategic consultants, IT service providers, IT administrators and other specialists in the field will greatly benefit with NetSpot PRO.

NetSpot covers all professional use scenarios from the optimal WiFi network predictive planning to assessing and improving a pre-existing WiFi setup.

NetSpot PRO is perfect for smaller businesses or independent contractors providing them with commercial rights on a smaller scale to survey and assess a wireless network coverage, perform an in-depth analysis and offer the most optimal solutions to their customers in terms of WiFi optimization and improvement.

  • Plan out an optimal WiFi network for a client
  • Troubleshoot and eliminate WiFi issues on the spot
  • Create in-depth reports for your clients
Smooth WiFi throughout your dwelling
for your home WiFi — Home

Smooth WiFi throughout your dwelling

Whether you need to set up a new WiFi network after moving to a new house or troubleshoot your existing home network, it will be a breeze with NetSpot!

You can build a heatmap of the WiFi coverage of your private dwelling, immediately discovering the weakest spots lacking the proper signal strength. Equipped with the gathered data, you'll be able to identify and eliminate any potential issues with WiFi.

  • Discover the best possible setup for your home WiFi
  • Find the most optimal WiFi router placement spot
  • Identify the dead zones with no WiFi coverage
NetSpot for Android devices and Chromebooks
NetSpot for Android devices and Chromebooks

Mobile WiFi survey and analysis

Build WiFi heatmaps in NetSpot on your Android phone or tablet! Visualizing your wireless signal is essential for easily finding possible wireless dead zones, eliminating them and boosting the WiFi strength throughout your office or home.

Internet Speed heatmap
NetSpot for iPhones and iPads

Internet Speed heatmap

The Internet speed analyzer for iPhone and iPad allows you to collect data for a detailed heatmap of Internet speed in your home or office no matter the size. The visual representation of your Internet speed in different areas of the analyzed space can help remedy the possible issues with your WiFi coverage.

Press about NetSpot

Some of the noteworthy mentions of NetSpot

All told, this seems like a really cool app that can help you plan out your home Wi-Fi setup and help you troubleshoot problems with your wireless connections.
Brad Reed, BGR
NetSpot lets you build a heatmap of your wireless network so you can find out where your Wi-Fi signal is strong and the areas where it's weak.
Matt Elliott, CNET
If your equipment is already in place, I recommend using NetSpot on Windows PCs and Macs.
Steven Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNET
Betanews logo
NetSpot displays tiny signal graphs within the table, giving you a quick view of possible performance issues.
Mike Williams, Betanews
The visuals it generates are an absolutely invaluable tool if you want to geek out hard and get the most out of your Wi-Fi coverage.
Jim Salter, ArsTechnica
This helpful Mac app can be used to fix weak spots in your wireless coverage.
Jeffery Battersby, MACWORLD
NetSpot is an amazing OS X utility for mapping out Wi-Fi networks, finding spots of poor reception, and troubleshooting how to fix them, and now it’s available for Windows.
Alan Henry, Lifehacker
NetSpot is top drawer. You won't find a better app for figuring out why your Wi-Fi isn't working the way you need it to. And it will help you plan for new networks and reconfigure your existing network.
Jeffery Battersby, iMore
NetSpot has matured since then, and does its job even better now, while also adding some serious (and expensive) professional options above the free, non-commercial level.
Glenn Fleishman, TidBits

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Better WiFi is just a download away

Runs on a MacBook (macOS 10.12+) or any laptop (Windows 7/8/10/11) with a standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax wireless network adapter.

Your projects are cross-platform and can be opened in NetSpot for macOS, Windows, and some on Android.