IP Addresses

IP Addresses — Everything You Need to Know

IP addresses are as essential for networking as street addresses are for the postal service, and we explain everything you need to know about them.

The Router IP Address and Routers Using It

Learn more about the router IP address, router manufacturers using it and take a closer look at how you can use the address to access your router settings. Default Router IP Address and Routers Using It

The router IP address is a private address, and it’s used as the default router IP address for certain routers, including some models from Cisco, D-Link, LevelOne, Linksys, and many others.

More About The Default Router IP Address

What is the router address and why use it? It is a private address used as the default router IP address for many routers, including most models from Belkin, Edimax, Siemens, and SMC, etc.

The Default Router IP Address and Routers Using It is the default IP address of most Linksys routers. In this article, you can learn more about the IP address, other routers using this address, and how to access your router using the IP address.

More About the and Router IP Addresses

The IP address is incorrect, it’s supposed to be People get the two IP addresses mixed up because they look similar and people also don’t know that IP addresses consist of four eight-bit numbers.

What is my IP address? - IP Location

See your public IP address, your location, city, country, internet service provider, timezone and more.

How to Change Your IP Address

This article discusses why you might want to change your IP address and how you can do it.

What is IP Lookup and What Can it Tell Me?

This article talks about an IP lookup tool and discusses what information it can be used to display. We also talk about IP privacy concerns. Default Router IP Address

The is a strange address that serves a very specific and important purpose. In this article, we explain in detail just what makes the default IP router address so special. Router Default IP Address

Not many people know how to manage wireless routers, and even more, people are confused when they see an IP address such as Learn more about the IP address and its purpose. Router IP Address and What It Is For

Have you recently discovered a device with the IP address on your network? You’re not alone! In fact, the IP address is one of the most commonly used IP addresses in the world.

Why Should I Hide my IP Address and How To Do It

Hide My IP – this article discusses why you would want to hide your IP address and shows how to do it. IP Address - What Does It Mean is a private IPv4 address belonging to the 16-bit block of private IP addresses allowing devices to connect to the Internet. IP Address and What It Is For is one of the many private IP addresses used by Linksys routers and private networks alike. IP Address and How to Use It

Read more about what the IP address is, what routers use this IP address, how to log in to a router and why you would want to do it. IP Address and How It is Used

Read about the IP address and check detailed instructions on how you can use the address to configure your router and other networking devices. IP Address and Errors You May Encounter When Using It

This article explains what the IP Address is, how it’s used, and how you can solve common errors that you may encounter when using it.

The IP Address and What Devices Use It

Read about the IP address, what devices use it and check out the list of the main restrictions and their troubleshooting.

Use the IP Address to Fix the Problem

The IP address serves as a special address associated with routers to allow devices in one network to communicate with devices in another network.

All About Wi-Fi

If your WiFi network isn’t performing up to your expectations, there are many things that you can do to improve the situation before you order a new router.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About WiFI

WiFi networks have become ubiquitous, but there’s a lot you may not know about them. Read this article to become a WiFi pro.

Five tips to use public WiFi safely

We want to explain the dangers of public WiFi and provide you with helpful tips on how to stay safe on public WiFi networks. Use NetSpot and get instructions on how to use it to find free public WiFi networks.

WiFi Calling: Everything You Need To Know About It

Learn more about WiFi calling to make and receive calls over a WiFi network if cellular service isn't available. While NetSpot cares about a good WiFi coverage.

Get an insight into home networking with NetSpot

This article provides a brief introduction to home networking, covering both wired and wireless networking. The article is intended for complete beginners, but we believe that even more experienced readers can learn something new from it.

Travel into the World of Inflight WiFi

We live in a such fast-paced epoque, where there is almost no option to disconnect. Those who travel for work all the time especially appreciate have WiFi even on planes. Let's talk about inflight WiFi, how it works, and how to make the best of it. Are you aware of the limitations of WiFi on planes and how much Inflight WiFi costs? Let's see.

Create a free WiFi hotspot on your Mac or Windows

To get internet access for their portable electronic devices, people search for the nearest free WiFi hotspots without fully understanding what WiFi hotspots are and how they function. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about WiFi hotspots and how you can easily turn your phone or laptop into one.

Locate Wireless Connections with the best WiFi Finder apps

Packets of data are being transmitted from WiFi routers to countless electronic devices. Even though we don’t see it, we’re still affected by it. This article explains why it’s important to monitor local wireless connections, and it introduces a class of applications built specifically for the job: WiFi finders.

The Best WiFi Near Me Apps For Finding WiFi Networks

Free WiFi networks are everywhere, but how to find public WiFi networks is just one of several things discussed in this article. Before we introduce five excellent WiFi near me apps for finding public WiFi networks, we first want to talk about some of the most pressing security issues associated with using them.

Find the best WiFi app for Android and get the most of your WiFi

We’ll run down the list of the best WiFi apps for Android phones, give a brief description, and help you find the one that will help plan your WiFi network without spending a ton of time and money.

Learn more about WiFi direct and how it works

Your phone can communicate with many other devices over WiFi without a WiFi router thanks to WiFi Direct. Learn more about WiFi direct and use NetSpot to optimize your WiFi.

What Is WiFi And How It Works

What is WiFi? WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity. The term was coined by a branding company, and it only caught on in its abbreviated form. It describes a technology for radio wireless local area networking of devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standards.

Five Ways How to Get Free WiFi Anywhere

Sometimes free WiFi hotspots are not easy to find. We are sharing five ways to get free WiFi anywhere and with minimal effort to help you connect to the Internet.

Why Router Has Two WiFi Frequency Bands And How They Work

Looking at your WiFi router, you’ll see that it has two frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Why are there two different signals instead of just one? Let's break down what both signals are there to do.

Check Out the Legal Ways on How to Get Free Internet

There are several legal ways on how you can access websites and online services for free and some of them are below.

What Is WiFi And How Does It Work

What is WiFi and how does WiFi work? Just continue to read this article where we explain everything you need to know about WiFi in a language anyone can understand.

WiFi Deployment

WiFi Deployment: A Complete Guide to a Strong Signal

You don’t need to call in a professional to deploy a WiFi network and cover any area with a strong signal when you have our WiFi deployment guide.

WiFi Checkers: How To Choose and What App Is The Best

If you aren't sure which WiFi checker app to use, read about the criteria to choose the best app and see the list of WiFi checkers we've put together.

Learn About Guest WiFi and How to Set It Up

Follow our guide on how to set up a guest WiFi network at your home or office to enhance security, improve WiFi performance, and more.

Smart Home: Use NetSpot To Improve Your WiFi networks

Find out how network exports leverage NetSpot to power a Smart Home with truly stable wireless network.

How to set up WiFi at home with NetSpot

What do you need to set up WiFi at home? Where should you place a WiFi router? Read the article to get the answers and find more useful information about WiFi planning and NetSpot.

WiFi For Home: Deploy a WiFi Network And Optimize It In No Time

Set up WiFi for home and easily connect all your devices wirelessly. Read about tools necessary, steps on how to deploy a WiFi network, and optimize it.

WiFi Deployment: A Complete Guide To Build A New Network

By following this WiFi deployment guide, you will be able to build a new network from scratch and satisfy all your requirements regardless of their complexity.

WiFi Design Guide: Tips for Better Signal and Coverage

Make it easier than ever to design a dependable WiFi network with the tips listed in this WiFi design guide and modern WiFi design tools to successfully implement robust WiFi.

WiFi Security

How to keep your wireless network safe, plus tips on which encryption to use, how to know who is connected to your network, etc.

Learn Everything About WiFi Security

Knowing the basics of WiFi security gives you a massive edge over cybercriminals. In this article, you'll find everything about WiFi encryption (WPA vs WPA2), WiFi security vulnerabilities, and our best WiFi security tips to remain safe.

Knowing How to Hack WiFi Can Secure Your Data

How to hack someone's WiFi? It's easy with a WiFi analyzer to define the security standard and a predictable WiFi password. Secure yourself from WiFi hackers, choose WPA2 and follow these characteristics of a strong WiFi password.

WiFi Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2 And Their Differences

Verify the encryption of your network with NetSpot and choose the best wireless security protocol to secure your WiFi. Get more information about possible security protocols: WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA3.

WiFi Security with NetSpot

Learn how to secure your wireless network with the help of free NetSpot for Mac OS and Windows.

Don’t Let Attackers Hack Your WiFi: These Are Our Top WiFi Security Tips

Don’t Let Attackers Hack Your WiFi. Check these 7 Top WiFi Security Tips. Download NetSpot to see whether your WiFi network is sufficiently encrypted to withstand a targeted attack.

The KRACK WiFi vulnerability, how to protect yourself

KRACK attack: what you need to know about WiFi vulnerability and how to protect yourself from it.

Who Is On My WiFi: Detect Who's Using Your WiFi Network

WiFi security is very important nowadays. This article can help you to understand how indirectly detect that someone is on your WiFi network.

Check out how to kick people off your WiFi

Learn more about WiFi security: who is on your wifi, how to detect that someone's using your Wi-Fi, and how to kick people off your WiFi.

What WPA3 Is And How It Differs From WPA2

WPA3 is a newly announced Wi-Fi standard offering more secure public and private networks. Rather than relying on shared passwords, WPA3 signs up new devices through processes that don’t require the use of a shared password.

Check the 6 Ways How To Secure Your WiFi Network

There are always people who want to gain access to your WiFi network to steal your bandwidth or money. Check these steps on how to secure WiFi network and keep people out of your home or business’s WiFi network.

The Best VPNs In 2024 For Public WiFi Security

This article looks at the risks posed by public WiFi networks and how the use of a VPN can minimize those dangers. Check our list of the best VPN services.

WiFi Settings

The most important WiFi settings you need to know about

Reading about WiFi networks is like navigating a huge maze of unintelligible acronyms, and it’s no wonder that only a few typically technically inclined, individuals, dare to open WiFi settings. This article aims to demystify the most important aspects of WiFi networks and help you set up WiFi correctly.

How to Share your WiFi Password

Connect a new device to your WiFi network by learning how to share the WiFi password on any device.

How to Change WiFi Name of Your Network

If you don't know how to change WiFi name of your wireless network and password of your router, follow this simple guide. Check the characteristics of good WiFi names and secure WiFi passwords.

Funny WiFi Names: Best WiFi Name Practices

The best WiFi names are often the funniest ones. Not only do they elicit some laughs from the people who view them, but clever and funny WiFi names also lead to some fun conversations.

How to Find My WiFi Password on any Platform

This article talks about the many ways that passwords are used when using WiFi networks and how to find WiFi passwords on any platform.

Protect your network with a strong WiFi password

Find out how to set the best WiFi password for your network and how to change WiFi password on your router.

Data Recovery

Top 10 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac (Paid and Free)

Finding the best data recovery software for Mac may be difficult. Check our ranked list of the best data recovery software, with the pros and cons of each application.

5 Best Ways: How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Recover files on Mac using built-in features or third-party data recovery software. Read about the most effective methods and solutions on how to recover your deleted files on a Mac.

How to Recover Deleted Files from SD or MicroSD Card on Mac

In this article, we explain several techniques and solutions that make it possible to recover deleted files from an SD card on Mac.

Internet Providers

Compare the Best Internet Providers in the USA

It is not an easy task to pick the best Internet Provider. Our list can help you to break down the best Internet Service Providers, and to understand how to get the best performance using WiFi site survey applications.

Windstream Internet Review and Prices 2024

Kinetic by Windstream Home Internet is a better option available to people who live in rural parts of the US. But is it that good? Read our review on Windstream internet prices, speeds, and more.

Google Fiber Internet Review and Prices 2024

In this review, we’re taking a closer look at Google Fiber service to answer the questions you may have and help you decide if Google Fiber Internet is the right choice for you.

Optimum Internet Review and Prices 2024

Optimum Internet provider attracts customers with affordable internet plans, high speeds, and unlimited data. There are, however, some important downsides you need to know.

Suddenlink Internet Review and Prices 2024

Suddenlink offers affordable high-speed internet in areas that are not dominated by other internet service providers. Read our review to get more information to decide if Suddenlink is a good choice for you.

CenturyLink Internet Review and Prices 2024

Is CenturyLink internet still competitive in this day and age, or are better options available? This CenturyLink internet review has the answers you’re looking for.

Frontier Home Internet Review and Prices 2024

Frontier offers a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet network, as well as fiber services. But is Frontier home internet and Frontier business internet any good? That's what this review is here to help you find out.

Astound Broadband Powered by RCN Home Internet Review 2024

In this RCN home internet review, we analyze everything you need to know to decide if any of the available RCN internet plans is worth your money.

Xfinity by Comcast Internet Review 2024

Xfinity by Comcast offers a range of broadband services in the US but is it really the first choice? Read our review of Xfinity prices, internet speeds, etc.

Charter Spectrum Internet Review 2024

Charter Spectrum is the second most popular internet service in the US but is it really an obvious choice? Read our review of Spectrum Internet's speeds, plans, and prices.

AT&T Home Internet Review 2024

AT&T is one of the largest internet service providers in the US. But is it still competitive today? Read our review of AT&T Internet's speeds, plans, and prices.

Viasat Home Internet Review 2024

Read our review to figure out if Viasat internet is the right choice for you. Learn more about its pricing plans, internet speeds, coverage, etc.

Verizon Home Internet Review 2024

If you are considering a Verizon internet service provider, check out our review of Verizon and see what internet plans and speeds it offers.

Cox Internet Review and Prices 2024

Wondering if Cox Internet is a cost-effective alternative for medium- to high-speed internet users? Read our review, learn about Cox internet fees and bonuses, customer reviews, and more.

Mediacom Home Internet Review and Prices 2024

In this Mediacom internet review, we provide all the information you need to have to decide if Mediacom internet plans is the right choice for you.

Starlink Internet Review and Prices 2024

Elon Musk believes that satellite internet is the future of internet connectivity, and our Starling internet review reveals what the future will look like.

HughesNet Internet Review and Prices 2024

HughesNet satellite internet is an interesting option for people living in rural areas, but it's not without a few caveats.

Ziply Fiber Internet Review and Prices 2024

Read our Ziply Fiber Internet review to find out if this newish internet service provider has what it takes to compete with established players.

T-Mobile Home Internet Review and Prices 2024

T-Mobile Home Internet is marketed as a modern alternative to local internet service providers. Read our review of T-Mobile Home Internet's speeds, plans, and prices.

WiFi Standards

Learn about WiFi standards and the latest WiFi 6 (802.11 ax)

We explain the difference between the different types of WiFi standards, speeds, encryption, and what it means for you. Get also more information about the latest WiFi 6 (802.11 ax) standard and what it offers.

WiFi 6 and its Impact on the World's Wireless Networks

This article discusses the WiFi 6 standard and what it means for users of WiFi networks.

What is WiFi RTT (round-trip time) and How it Works

WiFi RTT or Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time is a technology that will improve indoor accuracy to the one-meter level. Support for the technology was added to Android 9 Pie by Google and is promised to be added to routers soon.

IEEE 802.11mc — Everything You Need to Know About It

Thanks to 802.11mc, you'll soon be able to see the last known position of your smartphone or tablet on a map with a precision of 1-2 meters, making this the ideal time to get acquainted with this new wireless standard.

Wi-Fi 7 Explained: What Is It and When Is It Coming?

WiFi standards are constantly evolving to keep up with our growing connectivity needs, and WiFi 7 is shaping up to be one of the biggest updates ever.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About 802.11ac

Modern WiFi routers advertise support for 802.11ac, but what does it mean? Read this article to find out everything you need to know about 802.11ac.

WiFi 6E: What is it and should I upgrade to it?

WiFi 6E is yet another WiFi standard that’s supposed to make our digital lives better. Learn what its advantages are in this article.

What Is OFDMA and How Does It Work in WiFi 6 (802.11ax)?

Learn what Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) is in WiFi 6 (802.11ax) as we unravel its technical details and explain how it works.

MU-MIMO Explained: How It Improves Your WiFi Experience

MU-MIMO can boost WiFi performance when multiple devices are connected at the same time. Learn everything you need to know about it in this article.