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NetSpot by Etwok is a professional app for Wi-Fi site surveys, analysis, and troubleshooting.

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Our Story

We are a small team of IT experts with 10+ years of experience in networking, software, marketing and computer design. We strongly believe that professional Wi-Fi tools should not cost crazy money, and should be available to anyone, just like Wi-Fi itself.

NetSpot by Etwok is a professional app for Wi-Fi site surveys, analysis and troubleshooting.

We believe in NetSpot being a great helper to you at home and in the office, and if you are reading this, you most probably are well aware of what it does. We started in 2010, bringing NetSpot to Macs, then made it available to Mac App Store users, and finally presented a Windows version.

Currently working on iOS and Android editions, and a bunch of new micro-projects within the NetSpot platform.

What is NetSpot?

NetSpot is a Wi-Fi analyzer app for Wi-Fi site surveys, network management and troubleshooting.
  • Optimize hotspots' placement after finding dead zones
  • Adjust channels' load and to assign them properly
  • Improve wireless network planning and hardware deployment
  • Locate the sources of interference
  • Find signal voids and excessive coverage
  • Explore neighboring wireless networks
And much, much more!

How does it work?

  • Step 1 Image
    Review your wireless environment in Inspector Mode
  • Step 2 Image
    Load a map and collect some Wi-Fi site survey data
  • Step 3 Image
    Build a comprehensive heatmap of the network
  • Step 4 Image
    Finally! Fix the problem!

Why we are the best

  • 500,000+


    10 years

    at the market
  • Cross-platform

    Mac + Windows solution

    Easy to go

    No need in any specific Wi-Fi adapters or drivers

    Unique professional native solution for macOS

  • Simple to use

    by home users and small office staff without Wi-Fi knowledge

    WiFi heatmaps

Media Resources

Writing a story about us? Here is all you may need for it. Download NetSpot Press Kit.