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NetSpot Creates Better Wi-Fi Networks in your Smart Home

Smart Homes are no longer just in the future; they are here now. NetSpot can be a great addition to any home becoming smarter.
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  • Wi-Fi Site Surveys, Analysis, Troubleshooting
  • 4.8
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As this CNET article states, “…a smart home is only as strong as the Wi-Fi network it's tethered to…” This article discusses issues that homes around the world have regarding their Wi-Fi networks: weak area, lapses in coverage, poor connectivity, and the need to have the right infrastructure to support a Smart Home.

NetSpot allows you to visualize your home’s Wi-Fi coverage and strength. You can be prepared to support your Smart Home no matter the size of your property or required strength of your Wi-Fi network.

Analyze Wi-Fi Coverage in Smart Home
NetSpot is extremely user-friendly and quickly paints a picture of your network availability

NetSpot is extremely user-friendly and quickly paints a picture of your network availability. Easily analyze your Wi-Fi coverage, map your network, collect data for Wi-Fi planning, and effectively support your Smart Home. NetSpot also features troubleshooting visualization to pinpoint the cause of the trouble or weak areas. From there, you can change the configuration, re-map the area, and improve your Wi-Fi network’s strength.

Deploy Wi-Fi Networks in Smart Home

As Smart Homes become even smarter in the near future, this will become more and more invaluable to home-owners. For example, the popularity of smart television has grown tremendously. Smart TVs require a strong Wi-Fi signal. Streaming, on-demand videos, internet radio, and surfing the internet take up a lot of bandwidth.

Other scenarios that include smart phones, tablets, laptops, and multiple TVs require an even stronger Wi-Fi network.

Heatmap visualization

NetSpot helps ensure faster download speeds, confirm usability of multiple devices in your homes, and shows you exactly where any lapses in coverage occur so that your Smart Home remains connected.

How to check if your WiFi is good for a smart home?

Your smart home requires fast and reliable WiFi to work as intended. Here’s a short checklist with some of the things you need to do to verify that your WiFi is good enough for a smart home:

  • Download/upload speeds: First, you should verify if you’re getting the download/upload speeds you’re paying for. To do that, we recommend you use an online speed check, such as Speedtest by Ookla. In order to obtain accurate results, make sure to close all applications that connect to the internet before running the test. As long as your upload speed is at least 5 Mbps, you should be able to make your home smart without many problems.
  • WiFi settings: Many smart home devices are designed to take advantage of the 5 GHz band, which has a shorter range than the 2.4 GHz band but is less vulnerable to interference. If your router doesn’t support the 5 GHz band, then at least make sure to use the correct 2.4 GHz channel.
  • Coverage: It’s likely that your smart home devices will be located throughout your home, so ensuring that each and every room is covered with a strong WiFi signal is critical for smart home success. You can use a WiFi network analyzer to perform a WiFi site survey and visualize your signal coverage as an interactive WiFi heatmap.

NetSpot Smart Wi-Fi app helps you

  • Troubleshoot and improve Wi-Fi
  • Increase Wi-Fi stability
  • Locate malfunctioning WiFi APs

  • Troubleshoot WiFi on Mac
  • Increase WiFi connection signal
  • Stream over WiFi
Wi-Fi Site Surveys, Analysis, Troubleshooting runs on a MacBook (macOS 10.12+) or any laptop (Windows 7/8/10/11) with a standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax wireless network adapter.
  • 4.8
  • 969 User reviews
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  • Wi-Fi Site Surveys, Analysis, Troubleshooting

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What is the best WiFi for home use?

That depends on the size of your home and your WiFi needs. If you live in a small apartment and rarely connect to the internet from more than, let’s say, three devices at the same time, then there’s no reason to spend a large sum of money on a high-end router.

On the other hand, it’s often impossible to provide decent coverage and capacity in large houses without a mesh WiFi system. Of course, even the best WiFi can perform poorly unless it’s installed and configured correctly, which is where WiFi analysis software comes in.

How can I check my WiFi to be sure it is good for a smart home?

The typical smart home is full of internet-connected sensors and smart appliances, all of which send and receive data at the same time. For a WiFi network to be suitable for a smart home, it must provide sufficient coverage and capacity to reliably connect all smart devices, regardless of where they’re located. You can check if your network meets these criteria using a WiFi network analyzer capable of performing WiFi site surveys.

What is a smart Wi-Fi router?

There are several features that characterize smart home WiFi routers. To start with, such routers are typically controlled using a companion smartphone app, which simplifies network monitoring and lets users easily change all important settings. Smart home WiFi routers are additionally equipped with advanced WiFi technologies, such as beamforming, MU-MIMO, and others.

Finally, some smart WiFi routers can form a mesh network with other compatible routers, providing enhanced coverage and capacity.

Do smart home devices slow down WiFi?

All smart home devices that connect to the internet slow down WiFi to some extent. Of course, a smart security camera that records high-quality 1080p video and streams it in real-time to a remote server will have a much bigger impact than a, for example, smart door lock.

What is the best smart home hub?

The most popular smart home hubs available today include Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings Hub, Apple HomePod, and Google Nest Hub. Each of these hubs offers a slightly different set of features and capabilities, as well as compatibility with different smart devices.

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