What is the zone’s area type? [PRO]

When starting a new survey, one of the settings is the Zone Area Type. This setting regulates how large the green circle is around each measurement point during a survey.

NetSpot WiFi site survey tool for macOS is available

For users of NetSpot Free, the only option is “Closed office space or apartment” (3-meter diameter per data point). But for NetSpot PRO users, there are several additional options:

Zone area type

Zone area type

  • Office with privacy walls – the green data sampling circle is 5 m in diameter.
  • Large open indoor area (airport, supermarket) – 12 meters.
  • Outdoor restrained urban area – 15 meters.
  • Outdoor area with medium housing density – 30 meters.
  • Large open outdoor area (stadium) – 60 meters.

Select the correct setting for your area to limit the number of samples you need to take, and increase the accuracy of your results.

updated: January 5, 2017 author: Alex
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