What is the zone’s area type?

When starting a new survey, one of the settings is the Zone Area Type. This setting regulates how large the green circle is around each measurement point during a survey.

NetSpot WiFi site survey tool for macOS is available

Note: The Survey functionality is available only in paid versions of NetSpot (Home, PRO, and Enterprise). If you have the free version, you won’t be able to access the Zone Area Type settings.

Zone’s area types:

Zone area type

Zone area type

  • Closed office space or apartment – 3-meter diameter per data point
  • Office with privacy walls – the green data sampling circle is 5 m in diameter.
  • Large open indoor area (airport, supermarket) – 12 meters.
  • Outdoor restrained urban area – 15 meters.
  • Outdoor area with medium housing density – 30 meters.
  • Large open outdoor area (stadium) – 60 meters.

Select the correct setting for your area to limit the number of samples you need to take, and increase the accuracy of your results.

updated: August 19, 2022 author: Alex
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