How does NetSpot licensing work?

Currently, NetSpot is available for the following platforms: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS/iPadOS. Licensing works slightly differently for desktop versions and for versions of NetSpot for mobile platforms, so make sure you are placing the order for the edition you are going to use.

If you are considering purchasing a NetSpot license, we suggest you first take a look at the following post, which explains the differences in NetSpot editions:

Please note that on our website you can only purchase NetSpot for macOS & Windows: and as stated on the purchase page, the Activation Code can be used for any desktop edition of NetSpot, either macOS or Windows. You won’t be able to activate NetSpot for Android or for iOS with the Activation Code meant for the desktop edition.

NetSpot for macOS & Windows

If you are interested in NetSpot for Android, you can download it from Google’s Play Store. NetSpot for Android is a free app and offers slightly different functionality than NetSpot for desktop.

NetSpot for Android

If you are interested in NetSpot for iOS or iPadOS, you would be buying NetSpot on the Apple’s App Store, using your Apple account, and accepting Apple’s Terms and Conditions. NetSpot purchased from the App Store is also separate from desktop editions.

NetSpot for iOS

updated: June 17, 2024 author: Helena
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