How do I group networks?

In the free version of NetSpot, the list of networks on the left-hand sidebar is automatically grouped by SSID name. But PRO and Enterprise level users have the ability to group networks by:

Group networks by:

  • Mode
  • Channel
  • Vendor
  • Security Type
  • Frequency Band
  • Custom Groups

This makes it easier to select and deselect related networks with one click.

To group by one of the first 5 options, simply click on the Project Configuration gear icon on the bottom-left (near the Resume Scan button) and select it from the “Group by…” submenu. The networks on the sidebar will automatically be arranged by the option indicated.

To add a custom group:

  1. Select Group by > Custom Groups from the Project Configuration menu.
  2. Then either right-click on the network list (or click on the Plus (+) sign on the bottom-left) and select Add Custom Group.
  3. Type the name for your new group in the blank that appears.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed for additional custom groups.
  5. Click on the networks you wish to add to a group and drag-n-drop them onto the custom group name. They will appear in the new group.
  6. To select, or deselect, all networks within a group, simply click the checkbox next to the group name.
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updated: August 19, 2022 author: nsjill
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