[Zone] What is a Zone and how do I set one up?

Survey projects are composed of Zones. A zone is a specific area that you wish to scan. Each zone is associated with an area map.

If you have a relatively small area to scan, you are likely to have just one map and one zone. For larger areas, you may find it helpful to divide your scanning area into separate zones and complete the survey in stages, rather than all at once. You could, for instance, designate each floor in a multi-floor building as a separate zone. The heatmap reports that NetSpot produces are also based on zones, so think about how you wish your report to look before setting up your zones.

Note that the Survey mode is available in the paid version of NetSpot (Home, PRO, Enterprise).

NetSpot WiFi analyzer for macOS is available

Each time you start a Project and upload or draw a map (available in the macOS version of NetSpot only), you create a Zone. To set up multiple zones, you can either:

* Upload a different map for each zone. This is helpful if you have a large area to scan, as we recommend a maximum map image size of 3000 x 2000 pixels.

* Use the same map for all your zones and simply take samples from different parts of the map during each scan.

See “How do I add/delete a zone?” for more information.

Note: NetSpot Home allows you to create two zones per project, NetSpot PRO — 50 zones per project, and with NetSpot Enterprise you can have an unlimited number of zones in each project.

NetSpot WiFi scanner for Windows can be found here


updated: March 4, 2024 author: nsjill
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