Levels of user access depending on your NetSpot license

NetSpot is an indispensable tool when it comes to planning or optimizing your WiFi network. Your immediate, but also long-term, needs and the size of your team will dictate which type of NetSpot license you are going to get.

Two types of user levels in NetSpot are:

  • A full-fledged licensed user has access to all features and heatmaps corresponding with the registered type of license. This user can create, edit, remove the NetSpot projects.
  • NetSpot Pro

  • With a Technician user license one can view and analyze the NetSpot projects created on another computer, export reports based on already existing survey projects, but cannot resume an existing survey, as well as perform a new survey of an existing network or a new WiFi planning survey.
  • NetSpot Pro Technician

Types and number of users included in each license type:

  • NetSpot Home: 1 fully licensed user
    As the name suggests, this is the prime choice for those wanting to run a personal WiFi site survey of a private dwelling.
  • NetSpot PRO: 1 fully licensed user plus 1 technician user
    An ideal choice for a professional running a small business or a small team that can benefit from getting several PRO licenses and surveying small to medium spaces.
  • NetSpot Enterprise: 10 fully licensed users plus 10 technician users
    Costs less than 4 PRO licenses and is a great solution for larger or growing teams requiring flexibility. It allows WiFi engineers to work simultaneously on several projects, or on the same project at different times.

When purchasing NetSpot PRO you will be getting 1 Activation code that can be registered at one computer at a time. 1 Technician code is available upon request from our support team. With Enterprise license you are getting one code as well, but it can be simultaneously activated on up to 10 computers. Request your technician codes from our support team.

There are also functional differences between the NetSpot license types. Have a look at the licenses comparison chart to determine which one is for you.

If you are also deciding between the platforms that NetSpot supports, we would like to advise you that the licensing works differently on different OS types. Please have a look at our How does NetSpot licensing work? article.

updated: June 13, 2024 author: Helena
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