How do I save, export and print my survey?

Note that users of the FREE edition can only save surveys and do not have the ability to print or export surveys.

Saving with Free Edition

Select Survey > Save from the top menu bar to save your entire project.

Saving with PRO Edition

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Pro users have several saving options:

  1. To manually save, select Survey > Save (or Save As…) from the top menu bar.
  2. To set up Autosave, go to the top menu bar and select Survey > Autosave and then select Every minute, Every 5 minutes or Every 30 minutes.
  3. To stop autosaving, go to Survey > Autosave and select No.
  4. Autosave settings can also be accessed from Preferences, by going to the top menu bar and selecting NetSpot > Preferences > Survey.

PRO Export Options

PRO and Enterprise users now have advanced export options. To export a survey, select the networks you wish to include in the exported report, then click the Export button at the top of the NetSpot window.

NetSpot survey export options

You have three Export options:

Advanced Export

Save export print survey

This new feature gives you the ability to save all of your visualizations in one report. Click the Advanced Report and then customize your report by selecting the following items:

  1. Zones: All zones and snapshots are selected by default. If there are any zones or snapshots you do not wish to include in your report, deselect the corresponding checkbox on the right. Add a description to each zone or snapshot if you’d like, by clicking the “Add zone description” or “Add snapshot description” links. Click Next when done.
  2. Visualizations: All visualizations are selected by default. If there are any that you do not wish to include, deselect the corresponding checkbox to the left of the name. Visualizations normally include all APs and Frequency Bands, but you can output separate heatmaps for each individual AP or band but checking the corresponding checkbox on the right. Click Next when done.
  3. Extras: All extras are included by default. Uncheck the corresponding box if you do not wish to show the survey path, sampling points, zone descriptions, APs (icon), AP names, or AP list (the list of APs will appear below each visualization image in the report). Click Next when done.
  4. Information: Give the project a name (which will be shown on the cover of the report) and provide a project description (which will be shown in the General Info section of the report). Upload your company logo, if desired, by clicking the Browse Logo button. Scroll down to add the Surveyor’s Name, Company Name (of the surveyor), Customer Name, Location, and Date of Report, if desired. All of fields filled in will be printed on the cover of the report. Click Next when done.
  5. When you get to the Review screen, click Export, select a location for your file and click Save to create your report.
  6. A folder will be saved to the location you have chosen, and inside the folder will be a PDF report, plus image files (in PNG format) for each visualization.

Quick Export

Saves the current visualization (such as Signal-to-Noise Ratio) shown on screen as a PDF. Simply click the Quick Export button, select a location for your file, and click Save.

Current Heatmap

Saves the current visualization shown on screen as a PNG graphic image. Simply click the Current Heatmap button, select a location for your file, and click Save. If you wish to add the heatmap legend to your image, check the “Include legend” checkbox before clicking Save. 

PRO Printing Options

To print a visualization, export using one of the options above first. Once the PDF or PNG file has been saved to your computer, open it (or import it) in the program of your choice and print from there.

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updated: August 19, 2022 author: Alex
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