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Analyzing Wireless Office Network Architecture

Very first review – Since a couple of weeks, we have evaluated and ordered NetSpot with Enterprise feature set as our future wireless network analyzing tool. We have started to identify optimization zones in our implemented wireless network landscape right now, covering approximately one hundred access points, distributed over different office building floors.
We are really satisfied with the usability of this analyzing software. Although NetSpot provides extensive and precise online support, the client software with its three general function modes is easy to understand, easy to manage, even if you have IT network related know how. After a view function checks, an office building project with relevant office floor analyzing zones, based on available office architecture maps, was created. All relevant aliases of our wireless network components were listed according to NetSpot specifications and then easily imported for analyzing transparency.
You can get fast results about radio signal coverage in Survey Mode, which can give you a very first indication what is going on in your wireless office environment – just from signal reception perspective. But you need to know, that you are talking about a snapshot, which needs to be further analyzed, even in case you think, you have already detected an anomaly area, were radio signal coverage and download bandwidth are not enough for your wireless network clients.
Collaboration with somebody managing the network, being able to change access point signal strength is helpful. So, after a handful of fine granular measuring rounds, based on different signal strength and a comparison of the related heatmaps, it is now easy to identify or confirm “anomaly” signal strength in office sections. These are the areas, were changing the radio signal strength of available access points nearby is not effective and signal or download bandwidth remains on a low “dBm” or “Mbit/s” level. Here we have the position, which can trigger access point test mounting, to confirm an additional future implementation position – just measure again, move or fix the access point – Great!
Our radio network architecture was professionally simulated before implementation of the planned access points. But building architecture changes, department or workplace removals, setup of new conference rooms or cabinets inevitably lead to changes in Wi-Fi reception quality. These signal quality effects need to be detected and compensated depending on their strength.
Now we can really manage and optimize our wireless network architecture and make wireless visible! So, Survey Mode is king for us – Planning Mode to be evaluated in the future.

Matthias Stoeckhert
Apr 26, 2024

Very Good!!

Apr 5, 2024
Review after trial

NetSpot is easy to learn and intuitive. Had no issues.

Mar 28, 2024
System Engineer

Your Software is very good and simple to use.

Roger Bürgin
Mar 15, 2024
This Software has been a game changer...

I have been using Netspot for years now and it has changed my business. Now with the Planning feature, it has made quoting much easier and without the need for site visits saving me time and money. Go Pro of go broke… well worth the money.

Mar 8, 2024
excellent, professional, very powerful and easy to use

NetSpot contains everything you need for professional WLAN analysis. And it's available at a very fair price.

Helmut B.
Feb 28, 2024
easy to use, excellent features

I have been using Netspot for the last 8 years to test, survey and plan wifi systems in homes, offices and hotels. It provides the same stats you get with much more expensive systems. A great pro tool for wifi installers.

Ofir Gal
Feb 21, 2024
Worth the money

Paid for the pro edition even though just managing home network well worth the money

Ryan Rozich
Feb 18, 2024
Tier2 Off shore IT

Very easy and power tool. it helped us design a very complicated wireless network under 19 hours. 6 floors, 200 rooms. we found the weak spots easily and placed our access point where it should be to be more effective . After 20 years of experience, I can say this is the first time I am fully satisfied with my wireless network design. I didn’t have to guess or do much of trial and error to get what the client needed

Ali KM
Feb 11, 2024
Pretty good item that reasonable prices.

The map scale adjustment function gave results that exceeded my expectations.

Jan 26, 2024

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