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Best in class.

I have been using Netspot for over4 years and it is my go to product for mapping out WiFi networks

Nov 30, 2023
Great value and amating interface

Software has amazing user interface and powerful features. The new update improved already great visuals and usability. Reports generated within the software are well organized. Highly recommended!

Nov 10, 2023
Very effective at troubleshooting issue and at this price point it compares to other expensive solutions

The survey tool is very helpful and the new planning mode is ok but since it is new just needs further development. I sampled 250 points in a large warehouse and we were able to make some major improvements in house without having to hire an IT contractor.

Matthew Micciche
Oct 24, 2023

I have used a few of these types of software in my field before, but Nunn has matched the efficiency and ease of use of Netspot.
Being able to generate heat Maps that show actual throughput testing as well to give to clients is a game changer and instills a supreme amount of confidence in the network itself from the client.
For someone who has to design a network on houses that are one to 2 years away from being built – planning is amazing and helps show how each material affects the signal to the clients.
Great software, great support and it just works.

Oct 13, 2023


Brandon Angell
Oct 12, 2023

merci bien c’est superbe

Oct 7, 2023
Great customer support

I’ ve bought netspot to plan the renewal of our accesspoints in our numerous branches.
I didn’ have a specific accesspoint, so i contacted the customer support. After I told them which accesspoint was needed, they’ ve added it after a day. Now i’ m planning and it works great.

Oct 6, 2023

App seems to work flawlessly. User UI on android is easy and intuitive to navigate and use. Downloaded and tested the free version, so unable to do anything useful besides playing with the options. Indeed, “free” complies with the Google service definition as “free to download”. Not free to use 👍🏻

Oct 6, 2023
Excellent Survey Software

I have been using NetSpot to create heatmaps, as one of the first steps to upgrading our Wi-Fi network. It’s really easy to use, produces accurate results and you can’t beat it for the price!

Sergio Hernandez
Aug 15, 2023

Accurate channel info, can show bandwidth as well

Qikai Gao
Jul 29, 2023

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