NetSpot 2.4 and its minor updates!

NetSpot updates

RECENT UPDATE: September 2015, NetSpot 2.4.623 released. We keep polishing the product while something really new is getting ready to be revealed. Meanwhile the new build is addressing a few visual and internal issues and acknowledges smoother loading of large map files. Scroll down for more details.

Previous updates:

June 2015, yet another minor update posted for NetSpot 2.4. The build #2.4.607 adds several requested features and improves overall app efficiency. We also did some preliminary improvements for the upcoming OS X El Capitan 10.11, more to come.

March 2, 2015, NetSpot 2.4.590 is released.

Today, February 9, 2015, we release NetSpot 2.4.585. It’s also a minor release that addresses a few issues reported by our users, and adds a few polishing touches here and there. See the changelog below for details.

On January 2nd, 2015, we uploaded NetSpot 2.4.583 with a critical fix of the annoying freezes when loading projects that contained incorrectly formatted or empty BSSID values.

Earlier, NetSpot 2.4.582 was released. It’s mostly a polishing update with tons of minor improvements, however, it also includes some of the freshest fixes for the most burning issues (mostly related to OS X 10.10) kindly reported by our users. Here’s the full changelog of this update:

  •  critical fix  [build 590] noise value reported as 0 for some networks by AirPort framework
  •  new  [build 623] new option to export only the surveyed part of the map
  •  new  [build 623] new AP indicators in 3 new sizes
  •  new  [build 623] easily copy network’s name and MAC-address into clipboard
  •  new  [build 607] now you can relocate data samples positioned incorrectly on the heatmap
  •  new  the UI raster images have been upscaled, and NetSpot is finally Retina Ready
  •  new  [build 585] iperf lib version 3.0.11 integrated
  •  new  import and export of project-level AP aliases in CSV
  •  added  “Forget all” option to Aliases Preferences
  •  added  [build 594] a pause after connecting to network and before speed test to ensure the Internet connection is already up
  •  added  [build 607] now you can disable automatic opening of the exported reports
  • default scanning interval is now 10 sec in Discover mode in OS X 10.10 to prevent frequent drop outs of the signal reported by possibly buggy AirPort framework in OS X 10.10
  •  updated  [build 590] new API used to connected to Wi-Fi networks
  •  updated  the database of hardware vendors’ MAC-addresses
  •  improved  [build 623] adding custom aliases to networks in the sidebar
  •  improved  [build 623] heatmap generation on Retina displays
  •  improved  [build 623] map calibration usability
  •  improved  [build 590] connecting to Enterprise wireless networks
  •  improved  [build 585] network list update speed in Discover mode
  •  improved  [build 585] more precise positioning of the scaling marker when starting a new project; the marker now has its bottom tip showing the exact position, instead of its center
  •  improved  [build 585] rulers behavior when dragging the heatmap in Survey Mode
  •  improved  [build 585] text alignments in Discover Mode
  •  improved  iperf configuration options in Preferences
  •  improved  data tables in exported Advanced reports
  •  improved  overall improvements of the configuration controls in Preferences
  •  improved  AP aliases editing when networks list is being updated in Discover mode
  •  improved  info-popover in heatmaps of Active Scanning visualizations will now list only values for networks that were part of that scan
  •  improved  Wi-Fi errors decoding
  •  improved  [build 607] no more horizontal scrolls in popovers on heatmap
  •  possible fix  [build 623] unusual signal level values on OS X 10.10
  •  fixed  [build 623] proper wording for loaded map dimensions
  •  fixed  [build 623] occasional crashing in full-screen mode
  •  fixed  [build 623] double-clicking behavior in the sidebar
  •  fixed  [build 623] error creating a custom group with the duplicate name
  •  fixed  [build 623] a bunch of random exceptions in Discover mode
  •  fixed  [build 607] the names of exported visualizations of Frequency Band Coverage and PHY Mode corrected
  •  fixed  [build 607] no data in Discover mode on app launching in random cases on OS X 10.10.3
  •  fixed  [build 594] Detailed Discover mode has corrected channel width for AP’s transmitting in ac
  •  fixed  [build 594] Advanced export now has icons that specify which signal is good or bad on a heatmap
  •  fixed  [build 594] Correct Wi-Fi mode is displayed for connected network (issues were reported for b/g modes)
  •  fixed  [build 590] shortened information in popup’s over the heatmap
  •  fixed  [build 590] incorrect channel width for 5GHz band
  •  fixed  iperf visualizations export bugs
  •  fixed  channel width detection in ac mode
  •  fixed  crashes when performing speed test via UDP
  •  fixed  maximum values for Active Scanning visualizations in the sidebar networks list
  •  fixed  [build 585] ignoring networks with improper or empty MAC-address
  •  fixed  [build 585] incorrect width of the sidebar in Survey Mode which prevented reading full network names
  •  fixed  [build 585] exceptions that could stop the scanning process and cause blank app dialogs
  •  fixed  minor issues related to AP aliases management
  •  fixed  selected network highlighting in OS X 10.10
  •  fixed  UDP jitter value display
  •  fixed  random crashes due to incorrect format of (or empty) BSSID of some networks in OS X 10.10
  •  fixed  zone and snapshot description editing when exporting the advanced report
  •  fixed  caption and window properties of the Details dialog in Discover mode in OS X 10.10
  •  fixed  some occasional exceptions
  • corrected some nasty typos in the UI texts, like MBps->Mbps, ergh… sorry for that

Get the new update here. Or just follow the auto-update hints in any of the previous NetSpot releases.

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You’ll be pleased to know that our bigger, better, stronger NetSpot 2.4 is available today as a free update for all users. It has ten+ new features, as well as numerous improvements and bug fixes. This update also adds full and improved support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

NetSpot 2,4 introduces Global Preferences

First, we’re excited to tell you that NetSpot now has Global Preferences, accessed from the main menu bar (NetSpot > Preferences). This gives you one convenient spot to adjust NetSpot’s settings, and adds a bunch of new options — including a brand-new way to manage AP aliases. There are six sections (note that some features are for PRO users only):

  • Discover Mode: Adjust the WiFi scanning interval, when the app should clear inactive networks and when it should erase old data.
  • Survey Mode: Adjust how often projects are auto-saved [ PRO version required], the number of measurements in a sample, the sample point indicator type, and whether or not to show heatmap colors between the data sample areas (green circles).
  • Heatmap: Adjust the AP detection proximity and heatmap gradient colors, as well as the settings for each individual heatmap. This section also has a handy button for resetting all the heatmaps back to their default levels.
  • Troubleshooting  PRO : Set the critical and acceptable levels for each Troubleshooting visualization, or reset them all to default levels.
  • Aliases  PRO : Add or remove network AP aliases (which will be shown in both Discover and Survey modes) and import or export a list of aliases in CSV format.
  • Active Scanning  PRO : Choose to conduct speed tests via HTTP using hosted PHP scripts, as well as the option to add an iperf3 server address for active scanning via TCP and/or UDP.

We’ve also added a bunch of new features to Discover Mode. The right-click menu is now available when clicking on any column (instead of just the first one), and it now includes an option to set a custom color for each network. The right-click menu offers more selection options as well, including Invert Selection, Select All Filtered, and Select Networks by Channel.

Two other often-requested new features are the ability to add a heatmap legend when exporting heatmaps as images and the ability to skip all further tests if an error occurs during Active Scanning.

We’ve also squashed several annoying bugs, including the excessive memory consumption that was occurring with the following visualizations: Quantity of APs, PHY Mode Coverage, and Frequency Band Coverage, as well as errors that occurred when exporting or clearing data in Discover Mode.

Ready to update? Click here to download version 2.4 now!

NetSpot Wi-Fi analyzer for Windows is released
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