What does the “Toggle” menu do?

Toggle Menu

NetSpot WiFi manager for macOS is available

The Toggle menu is represented by the sampling point icon in the bottom-right corner of the survey window. It allows you to turn on and off the following features:

  • Underlying Map: Uncheck to hide the area map. Selecting it again will cause the map to reappear.
  • Path: Uncheck to hide the blue lines that connect the data points (showing the path you walked when taking readings). Selecting it again will cause the lines to reappear.
  • Sampling Points: You have three choices for the red icons representing data points on the map: None, Simple or Detailed. “Detailed” is the default. Selecting “None” will hide the red data points on the map. Selecting “Simple” will make the data point icons smaller and remove the numbers inside the icons.
  • AP Titles: Uncheck to hide the names of the APs shown on the map. Selecting it again will cause the names to reappear.
  • Multi-Floor APs Placement: If you are a PRO user, check this option to turn on the ability to view APs from other floors (see Multi-Floor Scanning for more information).
  • Sound Notifications: Uncheck to turn off the sound that chimes when the app is finished taking a sampling point. Select it again to turn the chime back on.
  • Show Hints: Uncheck to hide the hints that are shown at the bottom of the map. Select it again to turn the hints back on.
  • Grey Out Unmeasured Area: Uncheck to prevent the unscanned area from being greyed out. Reselect it to turn the grey back on.
updated: August 19, 2022 author: Alex
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