What settings can I adjust in Preferences?

NetSpot 2.4 brought a dedicated Preferences section to the app. Here is a quick overview of the settings you can adjust in Preferences, along with links to other knowledgebase articles that will give you further information about that particular setting.

1. Discover Section

  • Wi-Fi scanning interval
  • Automatically clear inactive networks
  • Erase data older than

2. Survey Section

3. Heatmap Section

  • AP detection proximity
  • Heatmap gradient
  • Heatmap settings for individual visualizations
  • Reset all heatmap default settings

4. Troubleshooting Section

  • Critical presets for individual troubleshooting visualizations
  • Reset all troubleshooting critical settings

5. Aliases Section

  • Add/Delete aliases
  • Import/Export aliases

6. Active Scanning Section

  • Testing HTTP speed via hosted PHP script settings
  • Testing TCP/UDP speed via Iperf3 settings
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updated: August 19, 2022 author: nsjill
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