Use NetSpot as a WiFi booster

NetSpot for Windows is the only affordable and comprehensive professional software for home and office Wi-Fi planning, management, analysis, and visualization. The app features three major modes: Inspector, Survey and Planning. You need just a few clicks to start your WiFi analysis in the Inspector mode or your wireless network site survey in the Survey mode. Just point to where you are on the map and watch NetSpot WiFi booster app do the magic.

Also available on Mac OS X

Inspector mode: Scan, Analyze, and Fix WiFi issues

NetSpot gives you a unique opportunity to get insight into your WiFi network and the surrounding ones. Grab a laptop with Windows* onboard, install NetSpot and analyze your WiFi signal for FREE. Collect every detail, such as performance, APs configurations, signal level, channel interference, etc.

  • featureAnalyze

    Find WiFi hotspots

    You will be able to discover not just your wireless network, but all neighboring ones as well. All technical parameters can be observed in real time.
  • featureVisual


    With an abundance of gathered data you can compare and thoroughly analyze Wi-Fi networks. Various filters are available.
  • featureTshooting

    Fix various WiFi issues

    The most occurring Wi-Fi issue is wireless channel interference. With NetSpot you can boost your Wi-Fi and achieve a clear signal in mere minutes.

Survey mode: Wi-Fi Site Surveys, Discovery, Troubleshooting

With NetSpot you are capable of improving your home and office Wi-Fi network and boost your WiFi speed! Any 802.11 Wi-Fi network can be surveyed and visualized! All Wi-Fi adapters are supported. NetSpot is your perfect assistant – WiFi site surveyor, WiFi analyzer, WiFi manager, troubleshooter, and WiFi booster.

  • featureAnalyze

    Your Wi-Fi Scanner

    NetSpot is an indispensable tool to locate signal leakages, visualize your WIFi coverage, map channel load, locate rogue access points and more. Scan your network to know more.
  • featureVisual

    Your Wi-Fi Heatmapper

    Your Wi-Fi network can work better and become more reliable. NetSpot maps your coverage area and provides real-life signal propagation heat maps. It's never been easier to locate WiFi issues.
  • featureTshooting

    Your Wi-Fi Booster

    If you are experiencing low WiFi speed and looking for the best WiFi booster app, definitely get NetSpot. It'll provide you with all necessary data to boost WiFi signal quality, speed, and agility.
Plan new wireless networks
Wireless network planning with NetSpot is as smooth and efficient as can be. There is no need for any additional equipment except for your laptop with our app running on it.
Realistic wireless planning with building materials
You can indicate the building materials used in your office or home space in your WiFi plan, accounting for their thickness and penetration specifications.
Advanced sketching
When in need of a swift wireless planning solution, sketch the map of the space with all its elements, like rooms, their walls and furniture before commencing measurements.
Advanced sketching
Multiple router options
NetSpot has a vast list of wireless routers that you can add to your WiFi plan to see how a particular model will perform in your case.
Select a router model
You can create the color-coded heatmaps with all the measurements you made. These heatmaps allow for the visual predictive analysis of your future wireless network performance.
Predictive Visualizations

Wireless network planning

WiFi planning is easy with NetSpot in your corner! You can load the map of your space or quickly draft a plan with rooms and walls and their building materials. Decide what type of router you would like to place and where, experiment with the number of access points to determine the optimum before presenting your clients with a WiFi planning report.

NetSpot is also an ideal solution for creating multi-level APoS surveys, allowing you to merge multiple snapshots into one project.

NetSpot WiFi planning tool allows you to:
  1. Sketch a map of your office or home
  2. Indicate the building materials used in your space
  3. "Place" the WiFi routers to see how they'll work out
  4. Generate predictive WiFi heatmaps

How to boost WiFi signal

Tired of slow connection, bad reception, and other Wi-Fi problems? Try NetSpot's Inspector mode to view and analyze the parameters of surrounding networks and the effects they may have on your connection. We have gathered lots of helpful tips on how to boost your WiFi signal in our practical guide.

A dedicated WiFi analyzer is always a great help in boosting WiFi signal! It will assist you in:
  1. Determining the source of interference
  2. Deciding which channels to use
  3. Identifying new locations for your WiFi router
  4. Making a decision on whether you need to upgrade your WiFi hardware

The best WiFi Signal Booster App

Before setting up a WiFi range extender, download and install NetSpot. BTW you can perform wireless site survey from your laptop. NetSpot will efficiently test your WiFi signal strength all over your space and show you where the coverage is the weakest.

After you’ve installed the WiFi Booster, use NetSpot again to see how efficiently your network connection throughout has improved.

NetSpot WiFi booster app can:
  • Help optimize your home network
  • Check status of the network
  • Keep an eye on WiFi signal strength
  • Locate WiFi channels with the least interference and traffic

Boost your WiFi signal with these NetSpot editions

  • NetSpot Free (Windows)

    • For home users
    • Wi-Fi Inspector mode (no export)
    • Demo projects
    • No Smart AP detection and positioning
    • Visualizations for demo projects only
    • No data points per heatmap
    • SSIDs visualized are not available
    • No snapshots or zones available
    • Hidden networks not supported
    • Demo of Wi-Fi network planning
    • More features coming
  • NetSpot Home (Windows)

    • For home users
    • Full-featured Inspector mode
    • Passive Wi-Fi surveys
    • Smart AP detection and positioning
    • 3 main visualizations:Signal, SIR and SNR
    • 50 data points per heatmap
    • Any number of SSIDs visualized
    • 2 snapshots and 2 zones
    • Hidden networks not supported
    • Demo of Wi-Fi network planning
    • More features coming
  • NetSpot PRO (Windows)

    • For home and business users
    • Full-featured Discover mode
    • Passive and active Wi-Fi surveys
    • Smart AP detection and positioning
    • 20+ professional WiFi visualizations
    • Up to 500 data points per heatmap
    • Any number of Access Points (BSSIDs) visualized
    • Up to 50 zones and 50 survey snapshots
    • Hidden networks have to be added manually
    • Extended features available in Inspector and Survey modes
    • Full-featured Planning Mode


Visual analysis is an extremely effective approach to a wireless signal survey. NetSpot features a rich set of visualizations for an easy comparison of WiFi signals according to their connection parameters.
Passive scanning
Signal level
Shows the strength of your WiFi signal. Extremely helpful combined with other values showing how signal level corresponds to interference level for example.
Signal to Interference ratio
In case of signal-to-interference ratio assessment, the interference that's taken into consideration only relates to co-channels by other radio transmitters.
Quantity of access points
You can see exactly how many access points are currently detected on your wireless network.
Frequency band coverage
You can quickly and efficiently analyze various frequencies.
PHY mode coverage
Visually displays coverage by WiFi protocols/modes and identifies where 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax modes are used.
Active scanning
Download speed
The download speed values are those reflecting the rate of data transmit from the Internet to a user's computer.
Upload speed
The upload speed values are those reflecting the rate of data transmit from a user's computer to the Internet.
Wireless transmit rate
Indicates the rate at which data is transmitted from an AP to a wireless device.
Low signal level
Visualizes the signal levels so that you can clearly see where they are low or non-existent and fix the issues.
Overlapping channels
When channels overlap the signal level may deteriorate as might the download and upload speeds. You can clearly see the issue and decide on a fix.
NetSpot for Mac and Windows
Runs on any MacBook (macOS 10.12+) or any laptop (Windows 7/8/10/11) with a standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax wireless network adapter.
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