Boost your Wi-Fi with NetSpot

NetSpot for Windows is finally here and it's the first free Wi-Fi survey app for the rest of us. NetSpot features two major Wi-Fi troubleshooting modes: Discover and Survey. It is the only professional software for home and office Wi-Fi management, analysis, and visualization for Windows computers. You need just a few clicks to start your wireless network site survey. Just point to where you are on the map and watch NetSpot WiFi booster doing the magic.

Also available on Mac OS X

Wi-Fi Site Surveys, Discovery, Troubleshooting

With NetSpot you are already capable of improving your home and office Wi-Fi network and boosting its quality and speed! Grab a laptop with Windows* onboard and install our free NetSpot app. Any 802.11 Wi-Fi network can be surveyed and visualized! All Wi-Fi adapters supported.

  • Your Wi-Fi Scanner

    NetSpot is an indispensable tool to locate signal leakages, visualize your WIFi coverage, map channel load, locate rogue access points and more. Scan your network to know more.
  • Your Wi-Fi Mapper

    Your Wi-Fi can work better and become more reliable. NetSpot maps your coverage area and provides real-life signal propagation heat maps. It's never been easier to locate WiFi issues.
  • Your Wi-Fi Booster

    Ever experienced low WiFi speeds? NetSpot is capable of boosting your wireless network by providing the Wi-Fi data you need to boost signal quality, speed, agility.

Comprehensive WLAN Analysis

NetSpot lets you conduct in-depth wireless site surveys from your Windows laptop. Within minutes after creating a new survey project you start collecting live Wi-Fi data.

You can load up a map of your home or office, or draw one if you don’t have one ready, and then perform passive WIFi scanning, real-time network discovery and analysis of the heatmaps generated by NetSpot. Wi-Fi visualizations generated are full of invaluable data for any-level user.

Wi-Fi Surveys and Discovery

Even if your wireless network is generally stable and delivers great speed, NetSpot helps you control and visualize the areas where it's performing slower or unexpectedly fails. By seeing the actual picture of how various Wi-Fi networks co-exist in your area you can track down potential problems when more wireless devices get connected.

NetSpot's mapping and discovery features work closely to ensure your WiFi is fluent and fast. Locate the areas with low signal or other issue and switch to Discover mode to choose the best channels for your networks or re-position the access points to improve your Wi-Fi signal.

Boost your Wi-Fi with these NetSpot editions

  • Windows (Free)

    • For home and business users
    • Wi-Fi Discover mode (no export)
    • Highly configurable passive Wi-Fi surveys
    • Smart AP detection and positioning
    • Signal level visualization
    • Unlimited data points per heatmap
    • Any number of SSIDs visualized
    • Single snapshot and zone per project
    • Hidden networks not supported
    • More features coming
  • Mac OS X (Free)

    • For home users
    • Extended Wi-Fi Discover mode (no export)
    • Passive and active Wi-Fi surveys with limited features
    • Smart AP detection and positioning
    • 2 main visualizations: SNR and SIR
    • Up to 50 data points per visualization
    • 5 APs visualized at a time
    • Up to 50 snapshots, and up to 50 zones per project
    • Hidden networks not supported
    • Extended features available in Discover and Survey modes
  • Mac OS X (PRO)

    • For home and business users
    • Full-featured Discover mode
    • Passive and active Wi-Fi surveys with limited features
    • Smart AP detection and positioning
    • 15+ professional WiFi visualizations
    • Unlimited data points per heatmap
    • Any number of Access Points (BSSIDs) visualized
    • Unlimited zones and survey snapshots
    • Hidden networks have to be added manually
    • Our most advanced and feature-rich edition
Start with NetSpot for Windows
Runs on any PC with a 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless network adapter. Supports Windows 7/8/10.

Looking for NetSpot for Mac
Get NetSpot running on any MacBook with a standard AirPort-compatible WiFi adapter. Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer supported.