How do I add or delete a zone?

If you wish to survey a new area, you will need to create a new project for it. Go to Survey > New on the top menu bar.

To add a zone, open your Project (if it’s not already open) and click on Plus Sign on the bottom-left of the NetSpot window. Or select Survey > Zone > Add Zone from the top menu bar. Then give your new zone a name and select whether you want to draw or upload the map for it. You can switch between zones by clicking on the Zone drop-down menu on the bottom-left of the window.

To duplicate a zone, you can use Zone Snapshots if you are a PRO user.

To permanently delete a zone (and the map that goes with it), select Survey > Zone > Remove from the top menu bar. When it asks you if you are sure you wish to remove the zone, click Yes.

Note that zones are available in the paid version of NetSpot only (Home, PRO, Enterprise).

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updated: October 25, 2019 author: Alex
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