FAQ: Can I use my own servers to measure Download and Upload speed?

With the latest release of NetSpot, you now have the ability to manually set the servers NetSpot will contact to measure download and upload speed. Please keep in mind that this is a very experimental feature, and we will be modifying it based on user feedback and will probably move this setting to the UI later. So use at your own risk and please let us know how it goes!

NetSpot WiFi manager for macOS is available

To set your own servers, take the following steps:

  1. Download and install the latest version of NetSpot, using this download link.
  2. Download our speed test PHP scripts: https://www.netspotapp.com/download/speed-php.zip
  3. Install the PHP scripts on the server you wish to use to test speed. These PHP scripts just pass a certain amount of data to NetSpot, and the app itself measures the speed.
  4. Go to NetSpot Preferences -> Active scanning, and update the default links to speed measuring script to yours.
  5. Keep in mind, that by default, NetSpot will use these scripts, unless you update them:

Also, we received some feedback from NetSpot user Flavio Donadio and he reported that this feature worked perfectly but he needed to disable zlib-compression on his web server.  To do so on an Ubuntu 12.04 Server with Apache 2, he typed on the command line:

a2dismod deflate
sudo service apache2 restart

You should be able to use a similar method on any Linux server. Again, please contact us and let us know what you think of this feature.

updated: October 9, 2023 author: nsjill
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