[Visualization] What is the wireless transmit rate?

The wireless transmit rate is the speed that data is being transmitted from an AP to a wireless device. The technical term for this is the TxRate. For 802.11n connections, the maximum possible rate is 300 Mbit/sec (using 40 mHz and channel bonding). For 802.11ac connections, the maximum possible rate is 1 Gbit/sec. You will want to research what the maximum possible rate is for your particular network configuration and adjust the maximum rate for the visualization as needed (see below).

The Wireless Transmit Rate visualization is one of the PRO visualizations available only to those that have upgraded to the PRO or Enterprise version of NetSpot.

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To measure wireless transmit rate:

  1. Set up a new survey and on the Active Scanning page, check the box next to the network that you wish to test the speed of.
  2. Perform your survey.
  3. Click on the Visualization drop-down menu and select Wireless Transmit Rate from the menu.
  4. Hover over any of your data points and the transmit rate for that spot will show next to the network name on the left-hand sidebar.
  5. By clicking the Visualization Configuration gear icon (next to the visualization drop-down menu), you can adjust the AP Detection Proximity and the Minimum and Maximum transmit rate.
    visualization gear icon


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updated: October 9, 2023 author: nsjill
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