[Visualization] What is upload speed?

Upload speed is the rate that information can be uploaded from a device connected to the network to the Internet. It is measured in Mbps (megabits per second). NetSpot calculates this speed during Active Scanning, by sending queries to servers and measuring the speed at which information is sent and received. You can choose to measure upload speed by HTTP, TCP or UDP in the Active Scanning Preferences.

The Upload Speed visualization is one of the PRO visualizations available only to those that have upgraded to the PRO or Enterprise version of NetSpot.

NetSpot WiFi site survey tool for macOS is available

To measure upload speed:

  1. Adjust Active Scanning settings in Preferences as needed.
  2. Set up a new survey and on the Active Scanning page, check the box next to the network that you wish to test the speed of.
  3. Perform your survey.
  4. Click on the Visualization drop-down menu and select Upload Speed, Iperf TCP Upload Speed, or Iperf UDP Upload Speed from the menu.
  5. Hover over any of your data points and the upload speed for that spot will show next to the network name on the left-hand sidebar.
  6. By clicking the Visualization Configuration gear icon (next to the visualization drop-down menu), you can adjust the AP Detection Proximity and the Minimum and Maximum upload speeds.

    visualization gear icon

    Visualization Configuration icon

See our article on “Troubleshooting Low Upload Rate” for more information.

updated: October 9, 2023 author: nsjill
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