How do I edit or change a map?

How you edit your map depends on the source it came from:

  • If created your map in another application, you will need to edit the map in that program and then re-load it into NetSpot.
  • If you scanned your map from a paper copy, you will need to make changes to the paper copy and the re-scan the map and load the new image into NetSpot.
  • If you drew your map in NetSpot* and have not yet started a scan, you can click the Undo button in the upper-right corner. See “How do I draw a new map?” for more tips on modifying a map as you draw it.
  • If you drew your map in NetSpot* and have already started scanning, you can no longer edit it. You will need to create a new zone and re-draw the map.
  • If you wish to change the Zone, not the map itself, see “How do I edit or change a zone?

*Please note: the drawing functionality is only available in NetSpot for Mac.

NetSpot WiFi manager for macOS is available

updated: August 19, 2022 author: nsjill
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