NetSpot learns new languages with version 2.9

Don’t miss the new release of NetSpot v. 2.9 for both Windows and macOS!

Your favorite tool for achieving an impressive WiFi coverage now speaks your native language! Starting today NetSpot is available in four new languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.

NetSpot 2.9

And it’s not just the new languages we’ve been working on. There are improvements throughout the app. Working with heatmaps is polished and you can now zoom in and out as well as move them with the mouse controls you are so used to. We are sure you’ll enjoy the sleeker and more refined looks of maps, heatmaps, surveys and PDF reports. The generation of heatmaps is also optimized for less usage of computer resources. The macOS version also has an updated list of device vendors.

In case you noticed an issue that you were waiting to be fixed, check out this new version – we tried to fix and improve anything we were reported of:

NetSpot Windows:

  •  added New interface languages (es, de, fr, pt).
  •  improved  Heatmaps are more clear and defined.
  •  improved  The app remembers the position and size of the main window.
  •  improved  A sleeker appearance of legend in surveys and PDF reports.
  •  improved  Move and zoom heatmaps with familiar mouse controls.
  •  fixed  An error that occurred on project export sometimes after previous exports were fine.
  •  fixed  The issue when after adding a new snapshot to survey the Active scan window opened several times.
  •  fixed  The positioning of the info pop-up over the heatmap.
  •  fixed  Hidden networks names are displayed properly now.
  •  fixed  Calculation for scanned circles has radius measurements changed to diameter ones.
  •  fixed  Certain cases when convex hull of scanned points was not calculated correctly.
  •  fixed  Demo reminder in Home license surveys when a project had more than five networks selected.
  •  fixed  Random freezing issues were fixed.
  •  fixed  Other minor improvements and fixed throughout.

NetSpot macOS:

  •  added New interface languages (es, de, fr, pt).
  •  added Export Active scan data to CSV.
  •  improved  Optimization of heatmaps and maps generation; heatmaps have better-defined borders now.
  •  improved  Mouse controls for maps are slightly enhanced.
  •  improved  Updated the list of device vendors.
  •  improved  The positioning of in-app dialogs.
  •  fixed  When exporting active scan results you’ll get a message if no networks were selected.
  •  fixed  Random crashes that occurred in measured snapshots.
  •  fixed  The background notification procedures are enhanced.
  •  fixed  The unmeasured area is now taken into consideration when creating Frequency Band coverage visualization.

Download it now or just follow the auto-update hints in any of the previous NetSpot releases.
Something looks off to you? E-mail us at and we’ll help you out.

updated: August 20, 2018 author: alex

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