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Finding the Range

Mapping the WiFi signals of the network can be a challenge. Using a desktop it too cumbersome. A laptop can work, but wandering around with a bulky laptop can get tiring. Much easier to use a tablet or a phone. Start the signal discovery in one spot, move to the next, and repeat the process until we’re done. The problem becomes just which app to use.

There’s plenty of them on the market for Android devices, ranging from highly technical tools to simple programs that are little better than the “Find Network” option in the Settings menu. If we want to get an accurate representation of the WiFi networks in our location, we don’t want to waste time with something that either requires a PhD in Computer Science to use, or waste money on an WiFi app for Android that does little more than show available networks.

We’ll run down the list of the best WiFi apps for Android phones, give a brief description, and help you find the one that will help plan your WiFi network without spending a ton of time and money.

The Best Free WiFi Apps for Android

The best kind of WiFi apps are the ones that can do the following:

  • Collect information on the name, type (a/b/g/n/etc), and frequency (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz).
  • Detect Signal strength.
  • Measure packet speed (how fast the upload/download speed really is).

This is more than just “What WiFi networks can my Android device detect”, but includes powerful data collection tools. Based on those qualifications, here’s the list of the best Android WiFi apps available. Rather than bury the lead, we’ll start with our favorites and work our way down:

  1. NetSpot for Android
  2. SpeedTest.Net
  3. WiFi Analyzer
  4. Android WiFi Manager
  5. WiFi Finder
  6. Fing
  7. WiFi Signal Strength
  8. WiFi Inspector
  9. Network Signal Info
  10. 3G 4G WiFi Map & Speed test

Let's take a closer look at all of them.

1. NetSpot for Android

Available as a free download, NetSpot sets itself apart as one of the best tools with set of extensive data collection features, the ability to create heat maps of radio frequencies (for registered users), and comparison of the different networks the computer scan. It does it with a friendly user interface over all that power. This combination means that we don’t have to try and figure out cryptic commands or understand the how radio waves work.

NetSpot already has an amazing product for Windows and Mac OS systems. Netspot for Android brings that power as a free WiFi app for Android phones and tablets with a new interface, and its free Discover Mode allows users to simply walk through their building with their Android tablet or phone for the entire range of WiFi networks available, then displays how they measure up.

NetSpot for Android

For example, with one chart we can see each of the networks and various differences such as signal strength, signal to noise ratio, the Ethernet address of the router, and related information.

Another screen shows an amazing graph of signal strength of each network over time, so we can go from one section to the next, see how each network grows or falls in strength depending on where we are and when. It’s everything we need to find where our networks are working, where they’re fading, and where they’re failing altogether.

NetSpot for Android is a free download, so there’s no risk.

2. SpeedTest.Net

SpeedTest has been used by people around the world for years to find the difference between what one’s ISP’s claims and what the actual speed is.


This free WiFi app for Android measures the speed of uploads and downloads between the Android device, showing the user the real speed of their Internet connections. It gives a fast results on speed transfers.

3. Wifi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is another free Android application that can show the signal strength of the WiFi network.

WiFi analyzer Android

It works by showing what signals are overlapping the others, so cross frequency issues can be resolved. WiFi works in either a 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz band, but there are “channels” within that range. If two networks are sharing the same channel, it can be more difficult to communicate. By understanding this, network administrators can arrange their networks to avoid interference.

4. Android WiFi Manager

Android WiFi Manager is less a network detection tool, and more a network switching tool. As we move from building to building, from the home to the coffee shop, we’ll encounter other networks of varying strengths.

Android WiFi Manager

Perhaps the WiFi for one network is strong in one building, but our Android device is still trying to connect to it when we’re in range of a better, stronger network in another location. Android WiFi Manager lets users switch from one network to the other without having to go all the way down into the Android settings to change networks.

5. WiFi Finder

If you’re looking for a WiFi app for Android available as a free download for phones that can quickly show the WiFi networks in range, this free WiFi app can help you get there.

WiFi Finder

It has a listing of free WiFi networks and can provide directions on how to get there. If you need to connect to the Internet and don’t know where to go, this might be the good option to pursue.

6. Fing

It has a funny name, but Fing is an Android tool that is useful in another way: it doesn’t detect WiFi networks, but detects devices that are using yours.


If you find network speeds slowing down or odd machines detected on your network, it might be hackers or leeches using your WiFi without your knowledge or permission. Fing can help find those rogue machines on the WiFi network so you can shut them out and protect your systems from attackers.

7. WiFi Signal Strength

It’s a simple name. It has a simple task: Measures the strength of the WiFi signal for a specific network. We can go from room to room and place to place, and it will show the strength of the network in that location.

WiFi Signal Strength

Is not complicated, but it works. Use this as a WiFi booster for Android to help find the weak zones and put more WiFi devices there.

8. WiFi Inspector

Like the free WiFi app for Android Fing, WiFi Inspector is less about the WiFi itself, but about devices using the WiFi network. Not only WiFi devices, but any device connected to the WiFi network can be detected, including Ethernet devices. If it’s on the same network segment being services as the WiFi network, then the WiFi Inspector app will find them and give a report on what they are.

WiFi Inspector

This is useful for finding rogue machines on the network, or if there’s a device but we can’t figure out what it’s network address is, WiFi Inspector might be the trick to help us find out.

9. Network Signal Info

This WiFi tool for Android is useful in that it not only shows the strength of the WiFi network, but also can display the strength of the cellular phone network. Elements such as the country code of the phone being used, the roaming state, and other useful cellular features are shown.

Network Signal Info

It’s not made for comparing a range of WiFi networks, but is handy for getting information on the different networks the Android phone is connected to. If for some reason the WiFi network is working all right but the cellular network isn’t working as well, this app can give some useful information to find out why.

10. 3G 4G WiFi Map & Speed test

It’s a longer name for than the other applications, but the idea is simple enough: This application measures the speed on the 3G, 4G, or WiFi network that the Android device is connected to.

3G 4G WiFi Map & Speed test

It doesn’t just detect the signal strength, but also shows the direction of where the network is using the built in compass. With the mapping feature, it can show the location of the nearest public WiFi networks so you can connect to that sweet, delicious free Internet access.

The End of the List

There are hundreds of WiFi apps for Android available as a free download. The difficulty can be in finding the best one for our needs. This list narrows that down that choice a little for locating the best WiFi tools for Android devices, their functions and abilities, and lays out what will work the best for the situation.

Some of them are perfect as a WiFi booster app for Android, like NetSpot that can help plan out the best place to places our devices and determine how the networks interact with each other. Whatever your needs, find the best tool for the job, and let it work for you.

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