FAQ: Will the ceiling height affect the signal quality when planning a WiFi network with ceiling-mounted access points?

If you are about to plan a WiFi network in a large space with a substantially high ceiling, and you are going to use the ceiling-mounted access points, then we recommend trying the following method in your NetSpot wireless planning project:

Have your ceiling mounting access point ready and perform a planning survey like you usually would, however in this case place your access point on the floor directly under the spot you are planning to mount it in the future and let it face up in this case (you are basically mirroring its signal distribution vertically).

Once you are done with the survey you should be able to see the signal distribution that is almost identical to the one, where the access points are already mounted to the ceiling while facing down into the room/office/warehouse.

It is worth noting however that the above method can provide sufficient results for an open-space area with very few (to none) walls and dividers that can alter the signal distribution significantly. If your surveyed space has walls, dividers and other barriers possibly affecting the wireless signal distribution, you’ll need to place your ceiling-mounted access points specifically where you plan to mount them in the future.

updated: August 19, 2022 author: alex
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