How to perform a WiFi Network Planning survey with a limited number of Wi-Fi routers

Since the update to version 2.8 owners of PRO and Enterprise licenses can enjoy Wi-Fi Network Planning feature. You can plan your WiFi network with as little as one portable router.

If you only have one or several access points to evaluate the potential space for your Wi-Fi network, this feature might be a good solution for you. Start a new project in NetSpot, place a router in its first presumed location, take a few samples, and then move it to the next location to take new data points. Once you have measured the entire space, you can merge all snapshots into one as if you were working with an existing network that has all routers in place. The resulting snapshot is a good starting point for your analysis. You may want to move your testing AP to a different location based on the overall coverage you got, and merge another set of snapshots to see if new placement works better.

You can merge any number of snapshots. Snapshots resulting from merging other snapshots are full-featured: they can be exported, more data points can be added, and yet again, they can be merged with other snapshots.

  • To merge snapshots: Click the Plus (+) icon at the right end of the bar. A window with all your snapshots will appear and you can choose those you want to merge.
  • You’ll see a label show up on the bar that says “Merged snapshot (read-only)
  • To rename a snapshot: Click on the snapshot name and select Rename…
  • To change description: Click on the snapshot name and select Change description… to edit your current description or add one.
  • To delete a snapshot: Click on the snapshot name and select Remove.
  • All snapshots are automatically saved with your Project.
updated: July 1, 2021 author: Alex
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