FAQ: Why do I need a map of my home or office space that is drawn to scale?

In order for NetSpot to accurately map the Wi-Fi signals in your space, it needs to know the actual distance between points. You also need to be able to accurately locate yourself on the map each time you stop for a scan. Providing a map drawn to scale gives NetSpot the measurements it needs. A nice map also results in a professional-looking heatmap that can be submitted in a report, if needed.

NetSpot WiFi analyzer for macOS is available

If you don’t have a map, see “How do I create and save a map of my area?” for ideas on how to create one*.

*Please note: the drawing functionality is only available in NetSpot for Mac.

NetSpot Wi-Fi analyzer for Windows is released
updated: August 19, 2022 author: nsjill
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