NetSpot 2.14 for macOS and Windows — minor update

We’re glad to inform you about the release of NetSpot v. 2.14. This update introduces minor fixes and anticipated improvements for both macOS and Windows versions; e.g. in the Mac version, the support of macOS Monterey and Windows 11 is added.

NetSpot 2.14 for macOS and Windows — minor update

Here are more details on what’s new in this update:


  •  Added:  full compatibility with macOS Monterey;
  •  Fixed:  some issues with iperf measurements on macOS versions before Big Sur;
  •  Fixed:  rare cases of app freezing while building visualizations;
  •  Fixed:  occasional issues with visualizations for merged snapshots;
  •  Fixed:  rare issue with IEEE 802.11ax visualization in PHY Mode;
  •  Fixed:  SIR values are now displayed correctly at all times.


  •  Added:  full compatibility with Windows 11;
  •  Improved: Japanese localization for PDF reports;
  •  Fixed:  scan results for networks with the same BSSID, different SSID parameters;
  •  Fixed:  a crash upon import of global aliases;
  •  Fixed:  several minor glitches and bugs.

Download the new NetSpot 2.14 version here, or just follow the auto-update hints in your installed NetSpot.

If you have any comments or questions, just drop us a line at — your feedback is greatly appreciated.

updated: November 1, 2021 author: alex

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