FAQ: Why are some networks missing from my survey?

If you complete your scan and some network SSIDs or APs are missing, there are a couple of reasons this might happen:

  • The network may be hidden (non-broadcasting). In that case you will need to add that network during the survey setup. See “How do I scan for hidden SSIDs?” for more information.
  • You MacBook may not scan certain channels or bands (5 GHz for instance) due to geographical restrictions. While some devices may ignore that and still transmit and connect to such networks, MacBooks are quite law-abiding. See this Wikipedia article on WLAN channels to view various country restrictions.
  • Your MacBook’s wireless card may not support the wireless modes and channels you need to scan.  To check your card type, hold down the Option (⌥) key, click on the Apple menu, select System Information, and then select WiFi under Network.
  • You did not take a scanning sample point close enough to the AP’s location. (Sometimes an SSID will show up on the left-hand sidebar, but not show up on your map. In that case, click on the Visualization Configuration gear icon and increase the AP Proximity setting.)
  • The AP may be turned off or malfunctioning.

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If none of these possibilities are applicable, please contact NetSpot support for additional help.

updated: August 19, 2022 author: nsjill
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