NetSpot Reviews

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Intuitive program to improve Wi-Fi coverage

NetSpot is an intuitive tool to improve the Wi-Fi coverage. I was able to gain a huge better quality in my own home on two floors within one hour by moving and rotating four access points. NetSpot also gave me a better look to the neighbors Wi-Fi channels, so that we could improve the channels in the whole neighborhood by changing them to more meaningful ones. The network speed is now faster than ever and finally stable.

Christian L.
Aug 31, 2022
Excellent app and product

Excellent app and product, have been a happy consumer for a while, and was well worth the purchase!

Jan 29, 2019

its the best software i have ever come across

Sakij Pradhanang
Nov 26, 2018

There isn’t anything better than NetSpot when it comes to fully analyzing Wi-Fi signals, hotspots and routers. The incredible app.

Ander Murillo
May 18, 2018

NetSpot is the best tool for auditing wireless networks. It allows you to map the hot spots (and cold) of your office or home, lets you fix problems or discover another network failures. It is a simple but powerful application.

Sergio Lorente
Apr 16, 2018

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