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Remarkable, Intuitive, and Powerful Software

NetSpot has made it so much easier for my organization to perform site surveys, monitor wireless performance, and fix dead spots in our network. It was incredibly intuitive to use, and can generate some very helpful, and comprehensive reports. NetSpot is a MUST have tool for any MSP, Infrastructure Installer, or IT Department.

Jack Gerrior
Jan 12, 2023
Great Little Utility

I’m glad I found NetSpot. It’s a very simple easy to use application that does exactly what I need it to do – show me the important info for all access points in the area and also survey my locations to let me know if we have any weak spots that need better coverage.

Aaron B
Dec 22, 2022
Electronic Technician

I found NetSpot to be intuitive, easy to use, and information rich. The enterprise version for $499 allows unlimited use of all NetSpot capabilities for 10 users. And lifetime upgrades for only $199. NetSpot doesn’t just give a heat map of the survey area, it allows detailed analysis of numerous factors influencing WLAN design.

To quote the CWNA Study Guide:

“Present-day wireless networks need to provide the coverage that was sought when early site surveys were performed, but they also need to provide higher throughput for denser deployments of stations. To achieve these goals, the site survey must encompass much more than just determining coverage, including looking for potential sources of interference.”

NetSpot provides the kind of information needed to evaluate a modern Wi-Fi network. It even has a feature called “Active Scan” that allows the user to test real time throughput with a utility such as Iperf for measurements of the maximum achievable bandwidth.

With the low initial cost, and the attractively priced lifetime upgrades, I have to recommend NetSpot. NetSpot is also up to the task of providing the data needed to evaluate a modern Wi-Fi environment.

James A.
Nov 17, 2022
Good tool

It works well

Nov 7, 2022

I’m really enthousiast about NetSpot. It works very smoothly, and I love the features and settings I’m able to do. And the best thing is being able to review the survey afterwards and even the possibility to switch between channels and SSIDs after the survey has been done. Great!

Job vD
Oct 18, 2022
Senior IT

Setup of scans and plotting locations for readings on a layout was easy to do and having a visual reference makes reading the information quick and accurate. I’m enjoying using the suite for the visual feedback it provides.

Steven S.
Oct 17, 2022
Good app

I like NetSpot app.
I help me resovle my wifi system, there are many APs in my wifi sys.. these AP is outdoor.
NetSpot show me interference, signal strength in my wifi system… .
Thank NetSpot.


Oct 12, 2022
Intuitive program to improve Wi-Fi coverage

NetSpot is an intuitive tool to improve the Wi-Fi coverage. I was able to gain a huge better quality in my own home on two floors within one hour by moving and rotating four access points. NetSpot also gave me a better look to the neighbors Wi-Fi channels, so that we could improve the channels in the whole neighborhood by changing them to more meaningful ones. The network speed is now faster than ever and finally stable.

Christian L.
Aug 31, 2022
Excellent app and product

Excellent app and product, have been a happy consumer for a while, and was well worth the purchase!

Jan 29, 2019

its the best software i have ever come across

Sakij Pradhanang
Nov 26, 2018

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