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excellent, professional, very powerful and easy to use

NetSpot contains everything you need for professional WLAN analysis. And it's available at a very fair price.

Helmut B.
Feb 28, 2024
Tier2 Off shore IT

Very easy and power tool. it helped us design a very complicated wireless network under 19 hours. 6 floors, 200 rooms. we found the weak spots easily and placed our access point where it should be to be more effective . After 20 years of experience, I can say this is the first time I am fully satisfied with my wireless network design. I didn’t have to guess or do much of trial and error to get what the client needed

Ali KM
Feb 11, 2024

wifi anazy

Jan 31, 2024
Great value and amating interface

Software has amazing user interface and powerful features. The new update improved already great visuals and usability. Reports generated within the software are well organized. Highly recommended!

Nov 10, 2023

I have used a few of these types of software in my field before, but Nunn has matched the efficiency and ease of use of Netspot.
Being able to generate heat Maps that show actual throughput testing as well to give to clients is a game changer and instills a supreme amount of confidence in the network itself from the client.
For someone who has to design a network on houses that are one to 2 years away from being built – planning is amazing and helps show how each material affects the signal to the clients.
Great software, great support and it just works.

Oct 13, 2023
Great customer support

I’ ve bought netspot to plan the renewal of our accesspoints in our numerous branches.
I didn’ have a specific accesspoint, so i contacted the customer support. After I told them which accesspoint was needed, they’ ve added it after a day. Now i’ m planning and it works great.

Oct 6, 2023
Excellent Survey Software

I have been using NetSpot to create heatmaps, as one of the first steps to upgrading our Wi-Fi network. It’s really easy to use, produces accurate results and you can’t beat it for the price!

Sergio Hernandez
Aug 15, 2023
Just The Facts

NetSpot is the best yet and I’ve tried dozens and I just want a honest answer to my Wi-Fi problems. Weather its the router or the provider or the wind blowing the wrong way or its me trying my latest DIY with foil wrapped around it and coat hangers for antennas. And to be totally honest the price of Wi-Fi is well you know where I’m headed with that. Its good to have a Wi-Fi tool that does more than toss a graph and tell you what you already know and by the way I’m willing to pay for it not looking for a free anything. Honestly the whole situation gets old. I’m willing to do my part umm minus the foil and coat hangers to get it right.

Ole Skool
Jun 9, 2023
Outstanding Quality for a budget friendly price.

My grandma asked me for help fixing her 2 floor house wifi, I could have simply put a couple of extenders and call it a day but I decided to go beyond and a run a Wifi Site map. I initially was skeptical about if this was worth the time bit I waS so wrong, I got my mind blown away once I looked at the results, it was amazing.

Ian Urbina
Jun 2, 2023
Network Architect

User friendly design and easy to use.

May 13, 2023

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