Performing a WiFi site survey on Android device

NetSpot for Android allows you to perform a wireless survey with just a lightweight device at your disposal. Analyzing the WiFi coverage has never been easier! After obtaining an extensive array of all necessary measurements with NetSpot on Android you can build comprehensive heatmaps and analyze your coverage in a variety of visualizations. To start working with the heatmaps on your desktop, follow the instructions below.

When your survey project is finalized and you are ready to analyze the collected data, export it from NetSpot for Android in order to open it in the desktop version of the app. Use the blue “Export project” button to do that.

Select the most convenient export option.

Note that whichever sharing option you choose, you’ll need to download the project on your computer, where NetSpot Home, PRO, or Enterprise is installed.

Important! If you don’t have NetSpot Home, PRO, or Enterprise yet, you can get a license and activate it on the computer, where you are going to be working with the exported survey project.

To start working with the exported survey project on your desktop or laptop, open the NetSpot app, switch to Survey mode, and click the “Open a saved project” button.

start survey

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updated: August 4, 2021 author: Alex
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