Update: NetSpot 2.3

NetSpot 2.3

This time it’s all about Discover Mode… almost. Meet NetSpot 2.3, we’ve done a loooooot to make it shine and enrich the free edition of NetSpot with new features.

NetSpot WiFi scanner for macOS is available

We are pretty sure all users will enjoy the new release. And it’s already knocking on your MacBook screens through the automatic updates. Here’s what we delivered:

  •  new  real-time channel overlapping visualization in Discover Mode (both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands).
  •  new  Discover Mode adds history scrolling that can be controlled from the touchpad or keyboard (shift + mouse wheel)
  •  new  we added cursor position markers in Survey Mode for improved precision in AP placement and map preparation (get some cursor movement above the heatmap and see the markers on the rulers)
  •  improved  highlighting of the connected network in Discover Mode
  •  improved  added autoscrolling in Tabular Data view in Discover Mode -> Details
  •  improved  more than 30 networks can now be visualized in Discovery Mode simultaneously
  •  improved  UI navigation from keyboard (tab navigation and entry fields highlighting in all screens and new survey wizard)
  •  improved   PRO  saving map scale when a new zone is added to the project
  •  improved   PRO  AP alias can now be edited by pressing Enter when an AP is highlighted in the sidebar
  •  improved  networks in sidebar are now automatically sorted by BSSID
  •  improved   PRO  Toggle menu is now a separate option on the status bar in Survey Mode and lets you disable greying out unmeasured areas in the heatmap
  •  improved  better alert and app’s behavior on scanning error
  •  improved  signal and noise charts now react sharper to immediate changes of collected values
  •  improved  data export in Discover Mode
  •  fixed  several fixes in Discover Mode on older Macs with OS X 10.6
  •  fixed  minor bug when pausing Wi-Fi monitoring in Discover Mode
  •  fixed  some issues in Discover Mode related to MacBook sleeping and waking up
  •  fixed  charts updating when NetSpot window is minimized
  •  fixed  heatmap background blurring when maps were imported via drag-n-drop

Welcome aboard. Update your copy of NetSpot asap. And let us know what you think of the new features.

NetSpot WiFi scanner for Windows can be found here

updated: April 26, 2018 author: nsadmin

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