NetSpot 2.12 new update for macOS and Windows

We are pleased to announce the release of NetSpot 2.12 for both macOS and Windows. As of today, NetSpot supports the WiFi 6 standard (aka 802.11ax) and WPA3 security protocol. The new release also includes some of the freshest fixes for the issues kindly reported by our users.

release NS 2.12

Here’s what we did:


  •  Added:  Support for 802.11ax (aka WiFi 6).
  •  Added:  Support for WPA3.
  •  Improved: The vendors list has been updated.
  •  Fixed:  Details graphs for networks broadcasting on 5 GHz.


  •  Added:  Support for 802.11ax (aka WiFi 6).
  •  Added:  Support for WPA3.
  •  Improved: General performance of the app during the active scan.
  •  Improved: The vendors list has been updated.
  •  Fixed:  The app crashing with WLAN service disabled.
  •  Fixed:  A minor bug while moving the second scan point.
  •  Fixed:  A minor bug with two survey starting points on the map.

Ready to update? Get the new NetSpot 2.12 here. Or just follow the auto-update hints in any of the previous NetSpot releases.

Once you’ve given this new release a try, let us know how we did.

updated: July 16, 2020 author: alex

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