NetSpot 2.11 with the macOS Catalina support

We’re glad to announce a fresh minor update of NetSpot, v. 2.11. The release adds support for macOS Catalina for Mac users, has some improvements and performance enhancements for both macOS and Windows.

NetSpot 2.11

Here’s the full list of changes in this minor release.

NetSpot for macOS:

  •  added  Support for macOS 10.15 Catalina
  •  updated  OUI lists for better AP vendor identification
  •  fixed  Dark mode is currently disabled until NetSpot 3
  •  fixed  The animation shown during scanning
  •  fixed  Issues while working with the high-resolution maps

NetSpot for Windows:

  •  added  Export of the current values from the Discover mode to a file
  •  fixed  Interaction with the map after its rotation at the initial stage
  •  fixed  Exporting only the measured map area
  •  fixed  Crash when calculating interference for networks with incorrect channel value

You can get the new NetSpot 2.11 here, or just follow the auto-update hints in any of the previous NetSpot releases.

We’ll be glad to hear your comments on how we did. Please share them with us at and stay tuned for updates!

updated: July 16, 2020 author: alex

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