The First NetSpot in 2017

First NetSpot 2017

We know that many of you were waiting for the news about NetSpot, and here they come. We thank you for your kind support, you, as a client, are our biggest deal!

The release of NetSpot 2.5 fixes a few bugs and improves quite a few features. Here are a few insights into our changelog:

  •  added  Now you can copy the data in Discover mode into clipboard by using the right-click menu
  •  added  New sample projects introduced
  •  added  Data samples can now be canceled by pressing Esc in Survey Mode
  •  updated  Improved survey autosaving
  •  updated  Network groups’ expanded/collapsed states are now saved properly
  •  updated  Improved export in Discover mode
  •  updated  Active scan improvements
  •  updated  Corrected listing of some hardware vendors
  •  updated  Updated vendors’ MAC-addresses list
  •  fixed  Random freezing on macOS 10.12.2
  •  fixed  Some memory leaks and minor errors

We hope you enjoy this update. You can download NetSpot 2.5 here. If you already did, just auto-update.

Once you’ve given this new release a try, let us know how we did.

Thank you

updated: March 1, 2019 author: Alex - NetSpot

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