A minor update – NetSpot 2.15 for macOS and Windows. macOS Ventura support added

macOS Ventura is upon us and we are glad to announce its full support by NetSpot 2.15! That is of course not the only update you’ll be getting with this new minor release, as there are lots of improvements and general fixes that surely make NetSpot the top solution of its kind.

NetSpot 2.15 for macOS and Windows — minor update

Please don’t hesitate to look through all new in this release:


  •  Improved:  WiFi router vendor list is updated with new entries;
  •  Fixed:  iperf3 bandwidth testing performance, especially for computers with M1 chip;
  •  Fixed:  Minor issues with sending crash reports to our developer team;
  •  Fixed:  Empty PDF reports on macOS Ventura;
  •  Fixed:  Certain cases of displaying the incorrect channel bandwidth;
  •  Fixed:  Very rare issues occurring during heatmap generation.


  •  Improved:  License activation goes even smoother now;
  •  Improved: More accurate detection of security protocols used by APs, namely WPA3;
  •  Improved: WiFi router vendor list updated with new entries;
  •  Fixed:  Detection of changes in a snapshot, when a new alias is assigned to an AP;
  •  Fixed:  The scaling of the panel with the list of snapshots;
  •  Fixed:  Issues with AP display for multi-floor projects in PDF reports;
  •  Fixed:  A rare app crash during wireless survey scan;
  •  Fixed:  A very rare app crash when building the AP list upon a survey project completion;
  •  Fixed:  An issue with updating the values on a legend in survey projects;
  •  Fixed:  The 80 MHz and 160 MHz channel widths for 802.11ax APs are properly detected now;
  •  Fixed:  An app crash upon using the Ctrl+Z key combo at the beginning of a survey.

The new NetSpot 2.15 can be downloaded here, or just follow the auto-update hints in your installed NetSpot.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just drop us a line at onair@netspotapp.com — your feedback is greatly appreciated.

updated: October 26, 2022 author: alex

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