Unable to perform any active scans on OS X Sierra 10.12.2

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    I have tried on multiple computers with the same problem, any attempt to perform active scanning results in the app failing into a “not responding” state which never clears even after 30 minutes of time. The app is immediately no-responsive after clicking to start a scan with an instant “beach ball”. I cannot find anything on my part to resolve this issue, it seems that your app is entirely unusable on 10.12.2…and sadly new Mac hardware cannot run older versions of the OS.

    Is this a known issue? Any guidance on how to resolve the problem?


    Hi, the symptoms you mentioned do not sound very promising, nor familiar. However, please, try this beta version, and then we’ll take it from there: https://www.netspotapp.com/help/talk/topic/bogus-internet-connection-message/#post-3766

    Any crashes after the “beach ball”? Any crash reports in Console.app?



    Thanks, the beta seems to work much better. It will still try to run the iperf3 tests before the network connection is established (as mentioned on other threads), but overall it isn’t beach balling and is actually performing active scans now.



    The beta build crashes frequently, it also doesn’t prompt to submit the crash report to you. I have yet to complete a full survey with active scanning, I have 3 zones that I would like to cover in the report however I was only able to get 4 samples without the app crashing…and now i can’t get any samples to complete without crashing. In this case I have 4 “groups” (unique SSIDs) that have 2 APs each (so 8 APs to perform active scan against).


    Kate NetSpot

    Hi, we have received crash reports from you. Marisa from our support team will be in contact with you (onair@netspotapp.com), she will work directly with developers to solve your issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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