Meet NetSpot for iOS

We’re thrilled to inform you about the release of our very first NetSpot for iOS (WiPry 2500x is required.)

Transform your iOS device into a WiFi scanner and analyzer with the help of NetSpot and Oscium WiPry 2500x to get an insight into surrounding WiFi networks and locate the issues if any. Version 1.0 currently has only the Discover mode, while beautiful visualizations are in the works.

release NetSpot iOS

NetSpot in Discover mode allows you to:

  • Find all WiFi networks around you and see their details (network name, MAC address, signal level, etc.)
  • See data changes in real time
  • Sort the data by name and by signal level
  • Use filters for an easier analysis
  • See the WiFi channel overlap

Hardware to use with

Due to Apple Inc.’s limitations, this accessory is required to collect the information about surrounding WiFi networks while using NetSpot on iPhone or iPad

Download NetSpot from the App Store

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updated: December 10, 2023 author: alex

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