Build Wi-Fi heatmaps on iPhone and iPad with NetSpot 3

We are thrilled to announce the new NetSpot 3 for iOS and iPadOS! It has changed quite a bit, and one of the main changes is that it doesn’t require any external hardware to operate. Read on to see what’s new and how it’s different.

NetSpot 3.0 for iOS and iPadOS with WiFi heatmaps

NetSpot 3 allows you to conduct WiFi speed tests and perform active Wi-Fi site surveys to build two types of Wi-Fi heatmaps directly on your mobile device.

No need to carry a laptop around when all you need is a straightforward visual representation of your wireless connection speeds throughout your analyzed space. Any type and size of space is equally easy to survey, be it a stadium or a small private home.

Active WiFi site survey offered by NetSpot 3 for iPhone and iPad allows you to generate Wi-Fi heatmaps. The color-coded Wi-Fi heatmaps are a great way to understand how the wireless signal distributes throughout the area by evaluating the download and upload speeds in its multiple spots. If the speeds are low in certain spots, then you can tweak your wireless setup and see how the readings change.

What’s new:

  •  New:  basic WiFi site surveys right on your mobile device
  •  New:  beautiful simple new UI
  •  New:  on project home screen select between the list and thumbnail views for easy access to projects
  •  New:  quick one-tap Internet speed test with automatic history
  •  Improved:  active scanning (measuring the download and upload speeds)
  • Lots of subtle fixes and backend enhancements
  • Optimized for iOS 17 & iPadOS 17

Download NetSpot from the App Store.

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Date: 11/28/2023

updated: November 28, 2023 author: alex

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