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    Hi there,

    This may seem dumb but everytime I try to download/install the windows version of netspot I get an error saying “could not download manifest” and in the details section I get “Exception reading manifest from the manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened.” It happens on multiple different computers. What am I missing?

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    We are looking into this issue. We are still unsure what’s causing this, but we are investigating and will keep you updated.



    Maybe DNS issue – change DNS to another – like Google or


    Thanks, @Lex, it’s more than possible. Tested it, seems like updating DNS servers to solves the problem. But it still leaves us wondering how the app can downloaded from but then all of a sudden it stops resolving. Hm…



    Hi guys, So I tried that and even though my DNS servers are set to and still getting same error. :( Any other thoughts?



    Do you have another computer on the same network? Can you check with it? Still the same manifest-related issue?




    I have exactly the same problem!!!

    I tried to install the program
    a/ at home over cable (without any firewalls)
    2/ in an open Wi-Fi hotspot (with firewalls enabled)

    In both cases I get the same result.

    Sofar, I have not tried to install the program on a second computer, as my desktop PC has no WiFi. And I have not fiddled around with the DNS setting.



    I tried another laptop and a desktop (with wifi card) on the same network and on two other networks (home and a friends) all had the same issue. Changing DNS didn’t help either. Thank you for your time.


    Looking for alternative solutions.



    Same issue here with the windows version. Exact same error “could not download manifest”. The error has nothing to do with the configuration of the windows machines I’ve tried it on.


    We are still looking into this.


    To everyone having this issue. Thanks a lot for your patience. Can you please try this installer and report back: ?
    Your help is much appreciated.

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    Thanks so much alex! It works great now.



    Hi Alex

    Even with the setup.exe installer i am still getting the following error.
    “netspot-project-icon.ico, has a different computed hash than specified in manifest.”


    Hi again, the issue with the manifest was given another round of testing, and unfortunately, we still cannot confirm anything similar. Our only guess would be intermediary proxy servers that might adjust the transferred HTTP headers and cause the confusion with the hash sums.

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