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    Hello – I just started using NetSpot and I’m looking through the help selection, but I only seam to come across Q&A style info. Is there an actually uses guide or manual that is available? Im looking for a guide/manual that has screen shoots of the product and provides details about each screen. Thanks for your time in advance.


    Alex – NetSpot

    Hi Dan, I’m not sure why exactly you don’t think that existing knowledgebase is much better than a standard old-fashioned manual. Start here: /help/tips-and-hints-running-a-wireless-site-survey/ then follow up: /help/what-is-discover-mode/ and finally: /help/how-do-i-start-my-survey/ – then you are good to go to other sections. Everything’s there.



    I, too, am looking for a user guide and like Dan Marcey, would like to have one for the same reasons he gave.

    I started with the “Top Questions Asked” and immediately concluded that they were not the questions that I, as a new user, am asking.

    Further, your response beginning with “Start here:” was equally not helpful.

    Lastly, your assertion that your existing knowledge base is better than a guide, is arrogant and in my 40+ years of professional technology experience incorrect. At least in the case of your knowledge base, I made several queries and the response was “nothing found.”

    My guess is that your response to Dan is an indication that the target market for your product is network professionals only, and that those who are trying to simply understand and get some basic tools to assist with networks are NOT your target. That appearing to be the case, I’ll not subscribe to the fee based offering as I was about to.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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