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    Howdy! We are using NetSpot to scan for rogue WiFi access points for PCI compliance. We have to conduct a new scan every quarter. I have used NetSpot for the past 2 quarters by creating a new project and then adding the map, measuring, and then walking around taking samples.

    Is there a way to keep the same project file and then just conduct a new scan without having to start from scratch? It would be so helpful to be able to keep the same map with the same distance measurements and same scanning points and have it just update with the access points found this time around and their associated data.


    Just like a replay of the existing survey? Can you always guarantee you are standing in the same spot where a sample was taken previously?



    Actually I just want to be able to keep the previous survey but be able to conduct a new survey in the same project file, using the same floor plan, and the same distance measurement (that is used to determine the scale of the floor plan). It would be nice if the previously scan locations showed up on the map as a ghost so you can get approximately the same results. Obviously it should log the new scan locations at the correct locations (i.e. where you clicked scan this time around).

    It looks like the project was already created to do this because of the Zone Surveys menu at the top of the project map. I would like to be able to pick a date from that menu to see the results of the survey conducted on that date.

    The idea is to have a single project document with multiple surveys so that you can see changes over time. It also saves me from manually re-importing the floor plan and measuring spots on the floor every time I need to do a new quarterly scan.



    OK, apparently I’m an idiot. There is a plus icon all the way to the right but on the same horizontal as the Zone Surveys popup menu. That plus button does exactly what I was looking for; the ability to add a new survey to the existing project file.


    Got it… I was going to offer the snapshots functionality to you, but wanted to check again first. Anyway, yes: /help/zone-snapshots/



    Is there a way to enable active scanning for a subsequent snapshot? I’d prefer to not have to rebuild my floorplans again. Thanks

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    Not yet possible in NetSpot 2.4, might be available in 3.0. On the roadmap. We apologize for the inconvenience. But if your underlying maps are available, it won’t be long to start a new project. AP lists are exportable now.

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