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    Jakob Peterhänsel

    Hi All,

    I have looked, and can’t seem to find any answer..

    What is the color indications fon the AP’s listed on the left? (Green, orange, red..)

    It’s really hard to figure out why they change.. as they don’t show color according to current mouse-location.. ?


    Hi Jakob, you are right, we will add this to the knowledgebase. The colors in the sidebar represent the coverage percentage of a specific network within the given area:

    The icon is red if the network is found in less than 50% of the area.
    It gets to orange for 50-75% coverage.
    If the network covers more than 75% – the icon is green.



    As a follow on from this – what does it mean by the color of the AP text? I show a list of APs in black and grey text with one AP in orange. Does the orange one indicate the specific AP I am connected to?


    Is this about Discover Mode now? The orange one in Discover Mode is your active network, the one you are connected to: /help/what-is-discover-mode/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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