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    discover. DESIGN. survey.

    Add a DESIGN mode to create predictive site surveys.

    – Design WLAN networks before rolling out any APs physically
    – Optimize AP count and layout for maximized coverage and performance by modeling building construction materials/obstructions and APs


    Sure. Agree. On the roadmap.



    Has there been any movement on this? We’re completely replacing our current wireless (NetSpot was a BIG help in getting this approved), but we’d like to be able to do some predictive site planning. If it’s not in the immediate future, we’ll still be using the tool to tweak final placement. But I’d rather not pay a third-party contractor what I can do myself.


    Unfortunately, we don’t have anything to show you yet. Once we have the beta, or at least something working, we will be glad to upload it to everyone. We are working on several major improvements and updates now.



    We could really use this also…



    I’d also be very excited about this feature, although I expect that a big part of the expense of competing tools such as Ekahau come from the ongoing process of evaluating vendor equipment and modeling their behavior in such a way as to have the software project their performance for predictive site surveys. In other words, I would expect it to be costly.


    Any level of prediction within software emulated WiFi coverage is theoretical, and gives only the basic idea of how the data may be flowing over the air. We are doing our best working with real equipment and modelling signal penetration capabilities to reach the most authentic results possible. But it’s still just a projection. Real-life material properties may differ substantially.



    Just posting that i’m waiting for this feature also!!


    That’s still one of our priorities.



    On October 29th you said:

    Building materials will be required in NetSpot 3, that is going to support predictive surveys (the planning mode for Wi-Fi networks)

    Now I see on your top-level features page:

    Predictive Surveys coming soon
    NetSpot will soon let you plan new networks without even visiting the designated area. Stay tuned for updates from our developers.

    When is “soon”? Will this require an upgrade to NetSpot 3?

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    All we can say for now is that predictive surveys will be available as a major update.



    What is the time frame for predictive planning to be available? This is a major need for my company.

    Thank you,



    Any update on the “coming soon” status of predictive surveys?


    We are shooting for 2017 to release a version with new predictive planning mode. We realize the importance, and are trying to streamline our development force in a proper direction.



    Any updates?

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