NetSpot v.2.10 is in Japanese, supports 10.14 and more!

The new NetSpot v.2.10 is available for both Windows and macOS! Starting today NetSpot is available in Japanese and fully supports macOS 10.14 Mojave.

NetSpot 2.10

We’ve also made some improvements and implemented necessary fixes throughout the app.

If you were waiting for a certain fix, don’t hesitate to check out the new version. Here’s what we added, fixed and enhanced this time:


  •  important  macOS Mojave 10.14 will require users to enable location services to run NetSpot.
  •  added  Japanese localization
  •  added  Time-limited licenses are available
  •  improved  When switching among surveys, selected visualization is kept
  •  improved  The color scheme in the sidebar is more contrasting and visual now
  •  improved  Updated the list of device vendors
  •  fixed  Corrected measurement values in some of the visualizations
  •  fixed  Minor interface improvements, just to make it sleeker


  •  added  Japanese localization
  •  added  Time-limited licenses are available
  •  added  Purchase, offline activation and activation code recovery options were translated to all five languages available in the app.
  •  improved  Survey export was improved greatly to allow saving projects with currently selected settings
  •  improved  Improved workflow while Wi-Fi adapter is busy
  •  improved  Updated the list of device vendors
  •  fixed  Minor interface and interactivity improvements throughout

Download it now or just follow the auto-update hints in any of the previous NetSpot releases.
If you have any questions and comments, just e-mail us at and we’ll help you out.

updated: October 17, 2018 author: alex

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