WiFi Site Survey Software for Professionals

NetSpot Pro is a feature-packed WiFi survey tool for Windows and Mac, which directly addresses the needs of professionals tasked with building and maintaining a high-performing WiFi network.
For macOS and Windows

Build a high-performing WiFi network

The purpose of many commercial WiFi deployments is to cover large spaces with multiple levels with a reliable WiFi signal, and it would be impractical to always scan the entire area in one go. That’s why NetSpot Pro, with its two distinct modes of operation, makes it possible to perform an in-depth WiFi site survey in stages to thoroughly build a high-performing WiFi network.

Discover Mode

Quickly collect real-time information about all surrounding WiFi networks. The collected information is presented as an interactive table, and it includes channel info, transmit rate, router vendor, security type, band, and more.

Survey Mode

This powerful and highly-efficient mode allows you to quickly and easily survey any space—regardless of whether it’s a small office or a multi-floor commercial space—and review the collected information in many different visualizations.

Benefit with Interactive WiFi Heatmaps

SNR Signal-to-noise ratio (macOS)
SIR Signal-to-interference ratio
NL Noise level (macOS)
PHY PHY mode coverage
SL Signal level
QAP Quantity of access points
FBC Frequency band coverage
US Upload speed
WTR Wireless Transmit rate
DS Download speed
IPU Iperf3 upload (macOS)
IPD Iperf3 upload, download (macOS)

Automated Troubleshooting Heatmaps

Issues with SNR (macOS)

Low signal level

High level of noise (macOS)

Overlapping channels (SIR)

It's always a success with NetSpot!

Get Flexible professional reports

NetSpot Pro allows quick saving of any currently displayed visualization as a PDF file; or you can save a current heatmap as a PNG image and get the Current Heatmap report. Additionally, an advanced report can be prepared and customized with all the visualizations in one file.

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Get that perfect network connection!

Who it is for

  • check IT and network administrators
  • check Wireless service providers
  • check Engineers
  • check Hardware vendors
  • check Consultants
  • check Wi-Fi deployment agents
  • check SMB
  • check IT professionals

What it can do

  • check Detect neighboring APs
  • check Create effective and descriptive coverage maps
  • check Explore and analyze the wireless environment

What it can help fix

  • check Rogue APs, broken APs
  • check SSID configuration issues
  • check Packet loss, high latency, coverage voids
  • check Excessive interference
  • check Conflicting and overlapping channels
  • check Signal leaks from your building

Perform a WiFi Site Survey
with NetSpot Pro

Use an intuitive and easy to use professional wireless site survey tool with a multitude of useful features to simplify commercial WiFi deployments.
For macOS and Windows
Analyze your WiFi with NetSpot Home
Analyze your WiFi with NetSpot Home
Analyze your WiFi with NetSpot Home
Analyze your WiFi with NetSpot Home
Analyze your WiFi with NetSpot Home
Analyze your WiFi with NetSpot Home
Analyze your WiFi with NetSpot Home
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