[Zone] How do I use the Zone Snapshots feature?

NetSpot 2.0 PRO makes it easy to scan the same zone twice. Many users will scan a zone, make adjustments to their equipment and environment and then want to rescan to see if they have improved their network.

NetSpot WiFi analyzer for macOS is available

Now all that takes is one click of a button.

zone snapshots diagram

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  • To take your first snapshot: The zone snapshots are located in a bar right above the zone map. Your first snapshot is created automatically when you do your first scan. You’ll see a label show up on the bar that says something like “#1 Oct 11, 2012” (or whatever the current date is). Clicking on that label will give you more information about that particular scan.
  • To add a new zone snapshot: Click the Plus (+) icon at the right end of the bar. A “#2” zone snapshot name will appear and you can begin your next scan.
  • To view or compare snapshots: Simply click on the name of each snapshot and you will be able to view all visualizations associated with each scan.
  • To rename a snapshot: Click on the snapshot name and select Rename…
  • To delete a snapshot: Click on the snapshot name and select Remove.
  • To save zone snapshots: Snapshots are automatically saved with your Project, so simply go up to the menu bar and select Project > Save.

Note: This is a PRO/Enterprise feature. If you have the free version, you won’t be able to create multi-zone projects or use Zone Snapshots feature.

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updated: August 19, 2022 author: Alex
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